Toronto Subway Fare

Toronto Subway Fare | Senior Fare and Calculator

The fare on the Toronto subway depends on your payment method and age. Here’s a breakdown of the current adult fares (as of April 3, 2023):

  • PRESTO Card: $3.30
  • PRESTO Ticket (single ride): $3.35
  • PRESTO Ticket (two-ride): $6.70
  • Cash: $3.35
  • Contactless Credit/Debit Card or Mobile Wallet: $3.35 (same price as adult PRESTO fare)

Fares for seniors, youth (ages 13-19), and children (12 and under) differ. More information is available on the TTC website:

TTC Fare Pricing

Fare by Type

  • Single Fare
  • PRESTO (pay-as-you-go)
  • Fair Pass Transit Discount
  • One Fare Program (discounted transfers and GO Transit connection)
  • Two-hour transfer (with PRESTO or debit/credit card)
  • TTC Monthly Passes
    • 12-Month Pass
    • Monthly Pass
    • Post-Secondary Monthly Pass
    • Fair Pass Transit Discount Program
  • Other TTC Fares and Passes
    • Convention Pass
    • Support person Assistant card
    • CNIB Transit card
    • GTA Zone Fares
    • Fair Pass Transit Discount Program (for low-income earners)

Concessionary Fares

  • Children 12 and under ride free within Toronto city limits and on some TTC routes to/from Mississauga and Pearson Airport.
  • Youth (13-19) fares require ID upon request.
  • Seniors (65+) fares require ID upon request.
  • Fair Pass program offers reduced fares for low-income residents on social assistance programs.
  • Post-secondary students enrolled at recognized institutions can get discounted monthly passes with ID.

Presto Fare Media

  • Presto card (stored-value card for single rides or monthly passes).
  • Presto ticket (single-use paper ticket, valid only for TTC services).
  • Contactless credit/debit card payments (single rides only, no concession fares).

Legacy Fare Media (no longer sold but still accepted)

  • Cash
  • Tokens
  • Legacy tickets
  • Legacy Day Passes


How much is the fare for subway in Toronto?

The fare for the Toronto subway (TTC) depends on your age and payment method:
Adults (19+):Cash fare: $3.35
PRESTO card: $3.30
Youths (13-19):Cash fare: $2.40
PRESTO card: $2.35
Children (12 and under): Free

Can I pay cash on Toronto subway?

Yes, you can pay cash on the Toronto subway. However, it’s slightly more expensive than using a PRESTO card.

How much does Toronto tram cost?

The fare for the Toronto tram (streetcar) is the same as the subway fare.

Is TTC free with Go Transit?

No, TTC is not free with GO Transit. TTC is the public transit system for Toronto, while GO Transit is a regional transit system connecting Toronto with surrounding areas. You will need separate fares or passes for each system.