kipling Subway Station Toronto | Adress, Parking and Map

kipling Subway Station Toronto | Adress, Parking and Map

Kipling Subway Station is a bustling transportation hub at the western edge of Toronto, Ontario. More than just a subway stop, it’s a gateway to the city’s vibrant west end, a melting pot of cultures, towering skyscrapers, and charming neighborhoods.

As the terminus of Line 2 Bloor-Danforth, Kipling Station hums with the energy of commuters rushing to work, students heading to nearby universities, and families embarking on weekend adventures.

Kipling subway station location

Kipling Station is the western terminus of Toronto’s Bloor-Danforth subway line (Line 2). It’s in the Islington-City Centre West neighborhood, on St. Albans Road at Aukland Road. If you’re looking to catch a bus, GO Train, or the subway, Kipling Station is a major hub connecting to MiWay and GO Transit services. There’s even a direct bus route (the 900 Airport Express) that will whisk you to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Location: 950 Kipling Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Coordinates: 43°38′14″N 79°32′10″W

Layout: Center platform with two tracks


  • TTC buses
  • Bus interchange Kipling Bus Terminal
  • Kipling GO Station (TTC subway Line 2 Bloor-Danforth) Parking: 1,067 spaces (operated by TTC) Accessibility: Yes History:
  • Opened: November 21, 1980
  • Rebuilt: 2017 Ridership:
  • 2019: 51,824 passengers (14th busiest GO station). Services:

Kipling Station is a bustling terminal for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway and GO Transit trains. This summary will help you easily navigate the station, whether catching a train, hopping on a bus, or just passing through.

Key Points:

  • Location: 950 Kipling Avenue, near Dundas Street West and Aukland Road.
  • Accessibility: Fully accessible, with elevators and ramps connecting all levels.
  • Levels: Four levels – Bus Platform, Street, Subway Platform, and Concourse.
  • Entrances: Six entrances, some with direct fare gate access.
  • Parking: Two parking lots, North Lot (accessible) and South Lot (not accessible).
  • Connections: TTC Line 2 subway, MiWay buses, GO Transit Milton line.

Getting Around:

  • By subway: Take the elevator or escalator from the Bus Platform Level to the Subway Platform Level. Board your train based on the direction (eastbound or westbound).
  • By bus: Buses arrive and depart from the Bus Platform Level. The Wheel Trans stop is also located here.
  • To MiWay or GO: Follow the Concourse Level passageway to reach the MiWay bus terminal or GO station.
  • Parking: Access the North Lot from Dundas Street West or the South Lot from Kipling Avenue.

Additional Information:

  • Passenger pick-up and drop-off are available at the north parking lot on the west side of Aukland Road.
  • Washrooms are located at the west end of the Bus Platform Level.
  • Refer to the full station overview for detailed information on entrances, levels, and connections.
Preceding stationFollowing station
NoneIslington (Milton line)

Public Transit to Kipling GO Station

You can get to Kipling GO Station in Toronto by bus (3, 300A, 300B) or the subway (Line 2). The closest stops are Kipling Station, St Albans Rd at West Service Rd, and West Service Rd at St Albans Rd.

You can use the Moovit app or website to get directions and see how long it will take. The app also shows you other routes and times and how much it costs to take the bus, subway, or streetcar.

Bus lines with stations closest to Kipling GO Station

Going north to Martin Grove:

  • Bus 46: Direct route to Martin Grove with accessible buses. Regular service.
  • Bus 46E: Express route to Martin Grove. Regular service.
  • Bus 44: It goes to Kipling South first, then north on Kipling Ave. It requires transferring to another bus for Martin Grove—regular service.

Other nearby bus routes:

  • Bus 45, 45A, 45B: Travel west on St. Albans Rd.
  • Bus 40, 49: Travel west on Bloor St.
  • Bus 300A: Night bus route on the Bloor-Danforth line.
  • Bus 900: Airport Express bus.
  • Bus 944: Express bus to Kipling South.

Walking distances:

  • St Albans Rd at West Service Rd is a 2-minute walk from Kipling Station.
  • Kipling Station: 2-minute walk from other nearby bus stops.

Directions to Kipling GO Station 

  • Bus: 3, 300A, and 300B
  • Subway: 2

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 5:35 AM – 2:20 AM
  • Saturdays & Holidays: 5:40 AM – 2:20 AM
  • Sundays: 7:50 AM – 2:20 AM

Please note: All times are approximate and subject to change without notice.

Kipling Subway Station Parking: Two Options, No Overnight Stays

Parking your car at Kipling Station is easy, with two nearby lots available, but remember, overnight parking is a no-go!

Kipling North Lot (5285 Dundas Street West):

  • Accessible spaces available
  • Daily rate: $7 (5 am – 2 am weekdays)
  • Afternoon/Evening rate: $2 (3 pm – 2 am weekdays)
  • Free: Weekends and holidays
  • Payment: Coin, VISA, MasterCard, American Express
  • Capacity: 238 spaces

Kipling South Lot (400 Munster Avenue):

  • Daily rate: $6 (5 am – 2 am weekdays)
  • Afternoon/Evening rate: $2 (3 pm – 2 am weekdays)
  • Free: Weekends and holidays
  • Payment: Coin, VISA, MasterCard, American Express
  • Capacity: 829 spaces
  • 24 accessible spaces: Note: No direct accessible entrance to the station from this lot.

So, which lot is right for you?

  • Choose Kipling North Lot for accessibility and convenience to the station.
  • Opt for Kipling South Lot for more spaces and slightly cheaper daily rates.

Remember: No matter which lot you choose, your car must be out by 2 am!

  • Call the Lift Line Service: 416-539-LIFT (5438) to confirm elevator availability and real-time updates.
  • Check Accessibility Alerts: Stay informed about any disruption or planned maintenance of elevators for your trip.

Elevator Locations:

  • Aukland Rd entrance to concourse: Provides access to the concourse level from the street.
  • Bus platform to Line 2 platform: Connects the bus terminal with the subway platform.
  • Concourse to west passenger pick-up and drop-off entrance: Allows access to the ground level for pick-up/drop-off at the west end.

Escalator Information:

  • General direction: Most escalators move from the train platform to the bus level.
    • Exceptions: Centre escalator: Down at all times.
    • West end lower concourse: Always down, with an alternate up escalator available.

Additional notes:

  • For detailed information on elevator and escalator locations, consult the full station map or contact the TTC directly.
  • Always prioritize using elevators if you have accessibility needs or are carrying heavy luggage.

Eastbound to Kennedy:

  • Trains arrive every 0, 7, and 8 minutes.
  • View the full schedule for eastbound trains.

Westbound to Kipling:

  • Trains arrive every 7, 8, and 14 minutes.
  • View the full schedule for westbound trains.

Additional Surface Routes:

  • Several bus routes stop at this station, including Junction-Dundas West (40), Kipling South (44, 45), Kipling (46), Martin Grove (46), Bloor West (49), and more.
  • View the schedule for each bus route.

Night and Express Options:

  • Bloor-Danforth Night Bus (300)
  • Airport Express (900)
  • Highway 27 Express (927)
  • Kipling South Express (944)
  • Kipling Express (945)

Note: Transfers may be required when switching to some connecting buses.

Kipling Station is a major station on the TTC’s Line 2 Bloor-Danforth subway line, and it’s also served by GO Transit trains. This makes it a great place to live if you’re looking for easy access to public transportation.

The area around Kipling Station is also home to several important amenities, including:

  • The Kipling GO Station offers train service to Hamilton, Milton, and Niagara Falls.
  • The Sherway Gardens shopping mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Toronto.
  • The Canadian National Exhibition is a popular annual fair in Toronto.
  • The Humber Bay Park is a beautiful park with stunning views of Lake Ontario.

If you’re looking for a place to live that’s close to public transportation and all the important amenities, Kipling Station is a great option.

Here are some of the important places near Kipling Station:

  • Kipling Station South Parking Lot is at 400 Munster Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 3C7, Canada. It has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Maps.

Kipling station passenger pick-up address

Kipling Station serves as a major transit hub in Toronto, seamlessly integrating the TTC subway system, MiWay buses, and GO Transit services. If you’re planning a pick-up or drop-off for someone arriving or departing via Kipling Station, this guide will equip you with all the essential information.

The Address:

While Kipling Station itself doesn’t have a designated pick-up/drop-off address, there are a couple of convenient options depending on your preference:

  1. North Parking Lot: Located on the west side of Aukland Road, this offers a designated pick-up/drop-off area within the parking lot TTC Kipling Station.

Pro Tip: This option is ideal if you plan on spending some time waiting, as paid parking is available.

  1. Curbside Pick-Up/Drop-Off: If you’re just making a quick pick-up or drop-off, you can use the designated zones along Dundas Street near the station. Look for signage indicating pick-up/drop-off areas.

Finding Your Way Around:

Even though there’s no specific address for the pick-up/drop-off zones, navigating to Kipling Station is straightforward. Here are some resources to help you find your way:

Additional Tips:

  • Be aware of traffic conditions, especially during peak hours. Consider using a traffic navigation app to avoid delays.
  • If you’re picking someone up arriving by TTC subway, they can easily access the pick-up/drop-off zones by following the signage within the station towards the bus terminal.
  • If you’re picking someone up arriving by GO Transit, they can connect to the TTC subway station via an underground passageway.

By following these tips and using the provided resources, you can ensure a smooth pick-up or drop-off experience at Kipling Station.

Kipling subway station opening date today

Kipling Station holds a significant place in the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) network, serving as the western terminus of the Bloor-Danforth subway line. But when did it open its doors to commuters? Let’s delve into the history and current details of this vital transit hub.

Kipling station hours

Mark your calendars! Kipling Station, along with its counterpart Kennedy Station on the eastern end, officially opened on November 22, 1980. However, for eager riders, the wait wasn’t quite over. The public inauguration happened the following day, on November 23, 1980.

Current Hours:

Kipling Station adheres to the standard TTC subway hours. Trains operate from 5:40 am to 1:31 am daily, ensuring convenient travel throughout the day and into the wee hours.

Kipling Station Parking

Kipling Station, the western terminus of Toronto’s Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth) subway line, offers convenient parking for commuters venturing into the city. This guide covers everything you need to know about parking at Kipling Station, including rates and free options.

Parking Options:

Kipling Station boasts two main parking lots operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC):

  • Kipling North Lot (5285 Dundas Street West): This lot offers 238 parking spaces and charges a daily rate of $7 between 5 am and 2 am on weekdays. There’s a discounted afternoon/evening rate of $2 between 3 pm and 2 am. Good news! Parking is free on weekends and statutory holidays.
  • Kipling South Lot (400 Munster Avenue): This larger lot provides 829 parking spaces. The pricing structure is similar to the North Lot – $6 daily between 5 am and 2 am on weekdays, with a $2 afternoon/evening option. Weekends and holidays offer free parking here as well. Be aware that there is no accessible entrance to Kipling Station from the South Lot.

Payment Methods:

Both Kipling North and South Lots accept coin, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express for your convenience.

Free Parking:

While paid parking applies during weekdays, both Kipling North and South Lots offer free parking on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and statutory holidays.

Additional Considerations:

  • Parking availability: Since Kipling Station is a busy transit hub, there’s a chance the lots might fill up during peak hours. Consider arriving early, especially on weekdays, to secure a spot.
  • Alternative Parking: If the TTC lots are full, explore private parking options or street parking in the surrounding area. Utilize parking apps or websites to find real-time availability nearby.

Map of Kipling Subway Station