How to check Presto Card Balance?

There are several convenient ways to check your Presto card balance, whether you prefer using an app, visiting a physical location, or making a phone call. This guide will walk you through How to check Presto Card Balance and the different options to ensure you have enough funds for your next trip on public transit.

How to check Presto Card Balance

Where can I load my Card or Check my Balance?

You can manage your PRESTO card both online and offline. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Online: Check your balance and load funds through the PRESTO app or website.
  • Offline: Set up automatic reloading, or top up your card in person at customer service outlets, self-serve reload machines, or by phone (requires a saved payment method).
How to check Presto Card Balance

Will PRESTO Update my Credit Card information when it Expires?

No, PRESTO won’t automatically update your credit card information when it expires. This is to ensure the security of your financial information. If you use features like Autoload or Autorenew for your transit pass, an expired card will prevent these features from functioning.

To avoid service interruptions, it’s important to update your credit card information on your PRESTO account before the expiry date. You can easily do this through the PRESTO app or website.

PRESTO Card Balance Without Account

While creating a PRESTO account offers additional features, you don’t necessarily need one to check your balance. Here are two ways to view your remaining funds without logging in:

  1. PRESTO App: Believe it or not, you can use the app for a quick balance check. Simply download the app and select “Sign In Without Account.” This allows you to enter your card number and view your balance without creating an account.
  2. Physical Locations: Head to a PRESTO vending machine located at various transit stations (TTC, OC Transpo, GO Transit, UP Express). These machines will display your balance after tapping your card.

Presto Card Verification Number

The Presto card verification number, also known as the CVN, is a three-digit security code located on the back of your card. It plays a vital role in protecting your card from unauthorized use when registering your card online or managing your account. Here’s why the CVN is important:

  • Verification: When registering your card on the PRESTO website or app, the system will ask for the CVN to confirm it’s your actual card. This adds an extra layer of security.
  • Not a PIN: Don’t confuse the CVN with your PIN. The PIN is a four-digit code you can set up for added security when making fare payments at PRESTO terminals. You won’t be required to enter the CVN during everyday transactions.
  • Safeguarding Information: Keep your CVN confidential, similar to how you would protect your credit card security code. Avoid writing it down with your card number and don’t share it online unless explicitly requested by a trusted PRESTO resource.

Register PRESTO Card

Registering your PRESTO card is a breeze and offers several benefits. Here’s why you should consider it:

  • Protection: If your card gets lost or stolen, registering allows you to easily transfer your balance and card details to a new card. This saves you the hassle of losing funds.
  • Usage Tracking: Registration enables you to access your transit usage report, which can be helpful for tax credit purposes or simply keeping track of your travel spending.
  • Manage Online: With a registered account, you can conveniently load funds, set up automatic reloading, and check your balance online or through the PRESTO app.


In conclusion, checking your Presto card balance is convenient and can be done with or without a registered account. You can choose from online methods like the PRESTO app or website, or visit a physical location like a vending machine.

Remember to update your credit card information before it expires to avoid interrupting features like Autoload. Registering your card offers additional benefits like protection and online management, so consider creating an account for a smoother transit experience.


How can I check my PRESTO card balance?
You can check your balance online through the PRESTO app or website, or visit a PRESTO vending machine at transit stations and tap your card.

How do I put money on my PRESTO card?
You can load funds online through the PRESTO app or website, at a PRESTO vending machine, or through customer service outlets and self-serve reload machines.

How to transfer the PRESTO balance?
Unfortunately, transferring the balance between PRESTO cards is not currently possible.

Do PRESTO cards expire?
No, the cards themselves don’t expire. However, the funds on your card can expire depending on the type of fare you load (e.g., some passes might have expiry dates).