Presto Card Benefits

Commuting across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area or Ottawa? A PRESTO card can be your key to a smoother, more convenient travel experience. Not only does it offer fare payment across various transit agencies, but it also unlocks a surprising range of benefits, from automatic fare capping to discounts on entertainment and attractions. Let’s dive into the world of PRESTO and explore how it can enhance your daily commute.

How to get a Student PRESTO Card?

Acquiring a student PRESTO card involves two steps. First, purchase a regular PRESTO card at locations like subway stations or convenience stores.

Then, depending on your situation, apply for a student discount online (GO Transit) or through your school (TTC). With proper verification, you can link the discount to your PRESTO card for cheaper fares.

Presto Card Benefits for Students

Students can reap several benefits by using a PRESTO card for public transportation. Firstly, depending on their age, they can qualify for concession fares.

Riders between 13 and 19 can set up a youth fare type, while full-time post-secondary students (between 20 and 64) can get a post-secondary fare type, both offering discounts of up to 40% off adult fares on GO Transit, UP Express, and TTC. 

Additionally, some transit providers like MiWay offer PRESTO loyalty programs where students can ride for free after a certain number of paid rides in a week. Finally, PRESTO cards occasionally provide perks like discounts on admission to attractions and car-sharing services.

PRESTO Card Discount for Students

Full-time students in Ontario can score a sweet discount on public transit with PRESTO! By setting up a post-secondary fare type, you can save up to 40% on GO Transit, UP Express, and some TTC fares. Just show your student ID when applying – it’s that easy!

PRESTO Monthly Pass

PRESTO monthly passes offer a convenient way to save on frequent travel within a specific transit agency’s service area. You can load them onto your PRESTO card online or at various retailers.

While the exact purchase window varies, they’re typically available from the latter part of the current month to the first few days of the next. Remember, to activate the pass, you’ll need to tap your card on a PRESTO reader on or after the first day of the month it applies to.

PRESTO Card Seniors Discount

The PRESTO card itself doesn’t directly offer a seniors discount, but it acts as a convenient way to access discounted fares for qualifying riders. Seniors (typically 65+) can apply the discount to their PRESTO card at designated locations like customer service centers or partner retailers. 

Once enabled, the discount is automatically applied when tapping your card on readers, ensuring you receive reduced fares on participating transit agencies like GO Transit (55% off) or OC Transpo (discounted monthly passes and per-ride fares with free travel on specific days). Remember to carry proof of age when using your discounted PRESTO card.


In conclusion, a PRESTO card offers students significant savings on public transportation in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area and Ottawa. With discounts of up to 40% and convenient fare-capping features, it’s a must-have for any student commuter. Additionally, PRESTO occasionally provides perks like discounts on entertainment, making it a valuable tool for budget-conscious students. So, ditch the loose change and embrace the convenience and savings of a PRESTO card.


What are the benefits of a PRESTO card?

A PRESTO card saves you money on fares (discounts!), lets you travel across transit agencies with ease, offers tap-to-pay convenience, and even unlocks exclusive discounts for attractions.

Do PRESTO cards save money?

PRESTO cards can save you money on public transit. You’ll get discounts compared to cash or credit, with automatic fare capping to ensure you never pay more than the daily or monthly maximum. Bonus: some agencies offer exclusive deals for PRESTO users.

What is the function of the PRESTO card?

The PRESTO card is your key to fare discounts and easy travel on public transit in Ontario, Canada. It lets you tap to pay instead of fumbling with cash and works across different agencies.