Is Presto Card Free? for Students and Seniors

The PRESTO card itself isn’t free, but there are ways to get it without paying the full price. It typically costs $4, but you can get a free PRESTO card if you visit a Toronto Public Library branch (as long as they still have them in stock) or if you use PRESTO in Google Wallet. Additionally, using a PRESTO card can save you money on fares through the Ontario One Fare Program, which offers free transfers between certain transit agencies.

Is Presto Card Free

Free PRESTO Card for Students

Free PRESTO cards for students aren’t universally available, but there are some programs to be aware of. In some regions, libraries offer free PRESTO cards to children, though these cards often have age restrictions.

Additionally, some transit authorities offer discounted student fares that require a PRESTO card linked to a student ID. To see if you qualify for a free card or discount, check with your local transit authority or school administration.

Is Presto Card Free in Toronto

The PRESTO card itself isn’t free in Toronto, but there are ways to acquire one without paying the initial purchase fee. The Toronto Public Library offers a program where you can get a complimentary PRESTO card at select branches, while supplies last.

This is a great option if you don’t already have a PRESTO card and would prefer not to pay the upfront cost. However, you’ll still need to load funds or a monthly pass onto the card to use it for TTC fares.

Where to Buy a PRESTO Card for Free?

PRESTO cards themselves aren’t sold for free in Toronto. However, there is an option to get a free card at select Toronto Public Library branches. This program is intended for those who might face challenges purchasing a card.

It’s important to note that these free cards have limited quantities and are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. While you won’t pay for the card itself, you’ll still need to load funds or a monthly pass onto it to use it for public transit fares.

For other options, you can purchase a PRESTO card for $4 at various retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart or TTC customer service outlets.

Where to Get a PRESTO Card Near Me?

In Toronto, grabbing a PRESTO card is easy! TTC subway stations have fare vending machines where you can buy and load them for $4. Many Shoppers Drug Mart locations sell and load them too. For other options near you, search the PRESTO website’s “Find an Outlet” tool with your postal code.


In conclusion, while the PRESTO card itself has a purchase price, there are ways to acquire it for free in Toronto. Check your local Toronto Public Library branch for their complimentary PRESTO card program.

Even if you need to buy a card, the PRESTO system can offer savings through fare discounts and transfers. Look for retailers or use the PRESTO website’s tool to find a convenient location to buy your card and load it with funds.


How much does a PRESTO card cost in Toronto?

A PRESTO card in Toronto costs $4.

How to get a free PRESTO card in Toronto?

There is a limited program offered by the Toronto Public Library where you can get a free PRESTO card at select branches. However, these cards are subject to availability and are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can you tap PRESTO with no money?

No, you cannot tap your PRESTO card with no money on it. The fare will be deducted from the balance on your card when you tap. If there aren’t enough funds, the tap will be denied.

How much does it cost to load a PRESTO card?

There is no cost to load a PRESTO card itself. You simply add funds to the card which you can then use for fares. The minimum amount you can load depends on the method you use:

  • $0.05 minimum if you load at a fare vending machine, retail location or PRESTO Customer Service Outlet.
  • $5.00 minimum if you load at a TTC subway station fare vending machine.