Presto Card Charges and Price | Student and Senior

The PRESTO card is a rechargeable fare card used for public transit across various regions in Ontario, Canada. There are two main types of charges associated with PRESTO cards: 1) the initial purchase price of the physical card, and 2) the fare amount deducted when you tap your card to ride on a bus, train, or streetcar. This short guide will explain both Presto Card Charges and how the fare system works.

Presto Card Charges

How to get a Student PRESTO Card?

There isn’t a specific “student PRESTO card.” Instead, you’ll need a regular PRESTO card (which you can buy for $4 at various locations) and then apply for a student discount program depending on which transit system you use most.

For instance, if you’re a post-secondary student using the TTC, you’ll apply for a Post-Secondary fare type on their website. This process typically involves verifying your student status.

Once approved, you can link the discount to your PRESTO card.Check the websites of your local transit authority or GO Transit for details on their specific student fare programs.

PRESTO card monthly pass price

The monthly pass price for your PRESTO card depends on the transit system you’re using. In Toronto, for example, a regular monthly pass costs $156.00, while a discounted Post-Secondary Monthly Pass is available for $128.15 if you’re a student with a proper ID.

It’s important to check the fare structure of your local transit authority to find the exact price for your area. You can usually find this information on their website under the “Fares & Passes” section.

PRESTO card seniors Discount

Discounts for seniors using PRESTO cards depend on your local transit agency. Some, like GO Transit in Ontario, offer a generous 55% discount for seniors 65 and over on every ride.

Others provide a specific senior fare loaded onto the PRESTO card, like the $1.75 option in Brampton. Check with your local transit authority to see if they offer a senior discount and how to set it up on your PRESTO card. Remember, proof of age might be required.

Youth PRESTO card Fare

Youth PRESTO cards offer discounted fares on public transit for teenagers. With a PRESTO card set to the youth fare type, you can typically save around 40% compared to adult fares.

To qualify, you’ll need to show proof of age at a customer service center. Remember, the specific discount may vary depending on your region and transit agency.


In conclusion, PRESTO cards offer a convenient way to pay for public transit in Ontario with two main charges: the initial card purchase and the fare deducted per ride. While there isn’t a specific student PRESTO card, you can link student discounts to your card after verifying your eligibility. Monthly pass prices and senior/youth discounts vary depending on your local transit agency, so be sure to check their website for the most up-to-date fare structure and discount programs.


How much does a PRESTO card cost in Toronto?

A PRESTO card in Toronto costs $4. You can buy them at various locations including:

  • Select Shoppers Drug Mart locations
  • Fare vending machines in all TTC subway stations
  • TTC Customer Service Centre (above Davisville Station)

How much does it cost to load a PRESTO card?

There is no charge to load your PRESTO card itself. You simply add funds to it like topping up a prepaid card. The minimum amount you can load depends on where you load it:

  • $0.05: Online or at a PRESTO Customer Service Centre
  • $5.00: TTC fare vending machine

Is a PRESTO card worth it?

A PRESTO card is generally worth it if you use public transit in Toronto regularly. Here’s why:

  • Convenience: Tap to pay instead of fumbling with cash or tickets.
  • Automatic fare capping: You won’t be charged more than the daily or monthly fare limit, even if you take many trips.
  • Potential for discounts: You can link student or senior discounts to your card for cheaper fares (see below).

How do PRESTO cards work?

PRESTO cards use near-field communication (NFC) technology. You simply tap your card on the reader at the fare gate or bus terminal when entering and exiting. The fare is automatically deducted from the balance on your card.

Here are some additional points to remember:

  • You can check your balance online or at PRESTO reloading machines.
  • You can set up automatic reloading so you never run out of funds.
  • PRESTO cards work across various transit agencies in Ontario, not just the TTC.