Presto Card Day Pass Online Price

Are you traveling to Toronto and using the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)? If you’re an occasional rider, visiting a PRESTO Card Day Pass is the perfect option. It’s a paper ticket loaded onto the PRESTO system that grants unlimited travel on the TTC network for a set period, offering a convenient and affordable way to explore the city.

Presto Card Day Pass

Where to Buy the PRESTO Day Pass?

There are a couple of convenient options for purchasing a PRESTO day pass. You can buy a physical PRESTO card at certain retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart or TTC customer service centers, and then load the day pass onto the card.

Alternatively, you can skip the card entirely and buy a single-use PRESTO Ticket with the day pass loaded directly onto it. These tickets are available at fare vending machines in all TTC subway stations. No matter which method you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited travel on the TTC for the day.

Where to Buy a TTC Day Pass?

TTC day passes are no longer available as the traditional paper tickets with scratch-off codes. However, you can achieve unlimited travel for a day using the PRESTO system. There are two convenient options:

  • Fare Vending Machines: Located at all TTC subway stations, these machines are your quickest option. They accept debit, credit cards, or even existing PRESTO cards for payment. Just choose “PRESTO Ticket” and then select the “Day Pass” fare type.
  • PRESTO Retailers: If you prefer buying beforehand, visit stores like Shoppers Drug Mart or the TTC Customer Service Centre. Here, you’ll need to purchase a PRESTO card (if you don’t have one) and then load the day pass onto it at the retailer. This might require an extra step, but offers the advantage of having a reusable PRESTO card for future transit use.

Presto Card Day Pass Price

A PRESTO day pass is a convenient option for unlimited travel on public transit within a specific day. The price for a PRESTO day pass is $13.50. It’s a good value if you plan on making several trips throughout the day, as it becomes more cost-effective compared to purchasing individual fares for each ride.

To help you decide, consider how many rides you might take. If you expect to use the transit system five or more times in a day, the day pass will likely save you money.

Presto Card Day Pass Online

While PRESTO offers a variety of fare options online, unfortunately, day passes aren’t currently available for purchase directly on their website. The PRESTO card system focuses on reloadable cards and tickets. However, there are still ways to get a day pass without physically going to a store.

You can purchase a single-use PRESTO Ticket with a day pass already loaded onto it directly from PRESTO fare vending machines located at all TTC subway stations. These machines accept debit, credit, and PRESTO cards for payment, offering a convenient option to grab your day pass on the go.

Presto Day Pass 24 Hours

A PRESTO day pass isn’t strictly 24 hours, but it’s close! It lets you enjoy unlimited TTC rides throughout a calendar day, expiring at the end of service the next day (typically 2-5:30 am).

Tap your card anytime and travel freely until then. Plus, a handy 2-hour transfer window ensures you can complete trips even after the day pass technically ends.

TTC day pass weekend

Unfortunately, the TTC no longer offers weekend-specific day passes like they did in the past. However, their current PRESTO day pass works just as well for weekend travel.

This pass allows unlimited rides on the TTC for a full calendar day, regardless of weekday or weekend. So, if you plan on exploring the city and making multiple trips on a Saturday or Sunday, a PRESTO day pass can be a cost-effective option compared to buying individual fares for each ride.


In conclusion, the PRESTO Day Pass, though not a traditional 24-hour pass, offers a convenient and affordable way to explore Toronto using the TTC. Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or just an occasional rider, this pass allows unlimited travel throughout a calendar day, making it a great value for multiple trips. With easy purchase options at fare vending machines or PRESTO retailers, you can be on your way to experiencing Toronto’s vibrant neighborhoods in no time.


How to load the PRESTO day pass? 

You cannot load a day pass directly onto a PRESTO card. You can purchase a day pass loaded onto a single-use PRESTO Ticket from a fare vending machine, or buy a PRESTO card and load it with funds for pay-as-you-go travel.

Does PRESTO last 2 hours? 

No, a PRESTO card itself does not have a time limit. PRESTO day passes loaded onto a PRESTO card or purchased as a single-use ticket are valid for a calendar day, expiring at the end of service the next day (typically 2-5:30 am).

How much is a PRESTO card in Toronto? 

A PRESTO card itself costs $6.

Can I get a PRESTO card online? 

No, you cannot currently purchase a PRESTO card online. However, you can add funds to an existing PRESTO card online.