Presto Card Refund

Looking to get money back from your PRESTO card? You can get a refund on the remaining balance, but there are some catches. This applies to physical cards you’ve registered with a My PRESTO Account. Keep in mind there are fees and some things, like transit passes, aren’t refundable. We’ll break down the process to get your unused balance back.

Presto card refund contact number

You won’t be able to get a refund directly over the phone with PRESTO. While they have a customer service number (1-877-378-6123) for general inquiries, processing refunds happen through a mail-in form process.

This lets them verify your information and ensure secure delivery of your refunded balance. We’ll cover the steps involved in getting your PRESTO card balance refunded next.

Presto card refund form

The issued balance on your PRESTO card can be refunded, but there are some things to consider. This process applies to physical cards registered with a My PRESTO Account.

There are fees involved and some things you can’t get refunded, like monthly passes. Let’s get you started on understanding how to get your money back.

PRESTO refund delay

Expect some waiting time when it comes to PRESTO card refunds. Once you submit the completed form, it can take some time to process. The exact timeframe depends on a few factors.

PRESTO mentions a window of 10 to 12 business days for the refund to be issued after they receive your form. Keep in mind this doesn’t include mailing time, so factor that in as well. We’ll discuss some tips for tracking your refund and what to do if it seems to be taking longer than expected.

Presto card refund online

Unfortunately, PRESTO doesn’t currently offer online refunds for card balances. Their system relies on a mail-in form process ([Form A](link to presto refund form) for physical cards and [Form C](link to presto refund form) for mobile wallet cards) to ensure secure verification and delivery of your refunded funds.

This might seem inconvenient, but we’ll walk you through the steps involved in the mail-in process to get your money back as smoothly as possible.


In conclusion, while getting a refund on your PRESTO card balance requires some extra steps, it is possible. Remember, you’ll need a registered physical card and the process involves a mail-in form (not available online). There are also fees and exclusions, so be sure to review those details before proceeding. We’ve covered the key points to consider and will now guide you through the specific steps to get your unused balance back.


Can I get my money back from a PRESTO card?

Yes, you can get a refund on the remaining balance of a registered PRESTO card, but there are some conditions:

  • The card must be a physical card registered to your My PRESTO Account.
  • Monthly passes and other fare products are not refundable.
  • There is a 4% processing fee applied to the refunded amount.

How to get a refund on your PRESTO card balance:

  • You cannot get a refund online. You need to fill out a mail-in form:
    • Form A for regular physical cards.
    • Form C for cards stored in mobile wallets (like Google Wallet).
    • You can find these forms on the PRESTO website.
  • After submitting the completed form, PRESTO takes 10-12 business days to process it, followed by mailing the refunded balance (via Interac e-Transfer or direct deposit).

How to transfer funds from a canceled PRESTO card?

If your lost or stolen card is registered, you can transfer the balance to another physical Adult PRESTO card in your account with the same fare type (no active pass). This cannot be done online. You’ll need to log in to your My PRESTO Account and choose “Report Lost Card” followed by “Cancel and transfer your balance and details to another card in your account”.

How to get a TTC refund?

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) uses PRESTO for fare payment. If you’re looking for a refund specifically for a TTC fare or service, you’ll need to contact the TTC directly. They may have a separate refund process from PRESTO card balance refunds.