Presto Card for Seniors

In many Canadian cities, seniors can enjoy discounted fares on public transit using a PRESTO card. This reloadable card offers a convenient way to pay for rides, and seniors, it can come with significant savings. If you’re 65 or older and interested in riding buses, trains, or streetcars at a cheaper rate, keep reading to learn more about the PRESTO card for seniors.

Where to Get a TTC PRESTO Card for Seniors?

While you can’t directly get a PRESTO card pre-set for senior fares, you can purchase a regular PRESTO card and then have it configured for senior discounts. Here’s where you can grab your card:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart: This is a convenient option with locations throughout Toronto.
  • TTC Customer Service Centre (above Davisville Station): This is the official TTC outlet and can handle any card setup needs.
  • Fare Vending Machines (all TTC subway stations): These machines sell cards but can’t configure the fare type.

Remember, after buying your card at any of these locations, you’ll need to visit a Shoppers Drug Mart or the TTC Customer Service Centre to have the fare type set to “senior.” This ensures you receive discounted rides.

Presto Card for Seniors Toronto

The PRESTO card can be your key to discounted rides on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) system. With a PRESTO card configured for seniors, you’ll automatically receive a 55% discount on fares every time you tap your card.

This reloadable card is convenient and saves you money compared to using cash or tickets. Read on to find out how to get your PRESTO card and unlock senior discounts on Toronto’s public transit.

Free PRESTO Card for Seniors

Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any programs offering completely free PRESTO cards specifically for Toronto seniors. However, the PRESTO card itself is only a few dollars, and the real benefit comes from the discounted fares it unlocks for seniors.

With senior discounts applied, you can save significantly on your public transit rides in Toronto. Let’s explore how to get a PRESTO card and set it up for senior fares to help you save money on your commutes.

Presto Card for Senior’s Price

The good news for Toronto seniors is that the PRESTO card itself doesn’t have a price difference based on age. You can purchase a standard PRESTO card for around $6 at various retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart or TTC fare vending machines.

The real benefit comes later when you set the fare type to “senior” at a customer service center or participating Shoppers Drug Mart. This unlocks the discounted fares for seniors, offering significant savings on your TTC rides compared to the adult fare.

Presto Card for Seniors Online

While you can’t apply for a PRESTO card with senior discounts directly online, you can order a regular PRESTO card through the PRESTO app or website. However, the senior fare reduction itself can’t be set up online.

To unlock those savings, you’ll need to visit a participating Shoppers Drug Mart or TTC Customer Service Centre after receiving your card. This quick in-person step ensures you get the discounted fares on your Toronto public transit rides.

PRESTO Card Senior Age

The PRESTO card itself doesn’t have an age limit, but the discounted senior fares are available to those 65 years old and over in Toronto. If you fall into this age bracket, you can significantly reduce your public transit costs by setting up your PRESTO card for senior discounts.

By visiting a participating Shoppers Drug Mart or the TTC Customer Service Centre with your card and proof of age, you can unlock the 55% discount applied automatically whenever you tap your card for a TTC ride.


Despite not having a free senior option, a PRESTO card offers big savings for Toronto seniors. The card itself costs around $6 and can be configured for senior discounts at participating Shoppers Drug Marts or TTC customer service centers.


How do I register my PRESTO card as a senior?

You can’t register your PRESTO card specifically as a senior. However, you can activate the senior discount by visiting a participating Shoppers Drug Mart or PRESTO Customer Service Outlet. When you go there, bring your PRESTO card and a photo ID that shows you are 65 years of age or older. The staff will verify your age and link the discount to your card.

How does PRESTO know I’m a senior?

PRESTO doesn’t track your age on your account. Instead, when you visit a designated location with your photo ID proving you’re 65 or older, they will link the senior discount to your card. This way, your card itself isn’t flagged as “senior” but rather authorized for the discounted fare upon tapping at a PRESTO terminal.

How do I change my age on PRESTO?

There is no way to directly change your age on your PRESTO account. Since the senior discount is linked to ID verification, there’s no need to modify your account information.

Where can I get a free PRESTO card in Toronto?

Unfortunately, PRESTO cards themselves are not free. You can purchase a regular fare PRESTO card at various locations like Shoppers Drug Mart, some convenience stores, and TTC customer service centers. Then, you can visit a participating Shoppers Drug Mart or PRESTO Customer Service Outlet with your card and ID to activate the senior discount.