Presto Card for Students Online | Price and Discounts

In some Canadian cities, students can score a discount on public transit fares using a PRESTO card. This reloadable fare card works across participating transit systems, offering students savings compared to regular adult fares. To unlock the student discount, you’ll need to set up a specific fare type on your PRESTO card, which usually involves verifying your student status. Let’s dive into how to get a PRESTO card with a student discount. In this Post we will discuss Presto Card for Students.

Presto Card for Students

How to Get a Student PRESTO Card?

Getting a student PRESTO card involves two main steps: obtaining the card itself and setting up the student discount fare type.

You can purchase a PRESTO card for around $4 at various locations including convenience stores like Shoppers Drug Mart, GO Transit stations, and TTC subway stations [PRESTO Card]. Once you have the card, you’ll need to verify your student status to activate the discount.

This process can differ depending on your region, so check with your local transit authority’s website for specifics. It often involves showing your student ID at a customer service center or applying online for a student fare type.

How to Get a Student PRESTO Card TTC?

Snag a PRESTO card (stations, Shoppers Drug Mart) and a TTC post-secondary ID (Sherbourne Station). Then, link them for student fares at a Shoppers Drug Mart. Don’t forget your student ID for TTC rides.

Presto Card for Students

Presto Card for Student’s Price

The PRESTO card itself doesn’t change the price for students. You can buy one for $4 at various locations including select Shoppers Drug Mart stores, GO stations, and online. However, student discounts come into play when you set the fare type on your PRESTO card.

By obtaining a TTC post-secondary student ID and linking it to your PRESTO card, you’ll be charged concession fares on the TTC, offering you significant savings compared to adult fares.

PRESTO Student Monthly Pass

The PRESTO student monthly pass is a convenient and cost-effective way for post-secondary students in certain regions to travel on public transit. It provides unlimited rides for a month on participating transit systems, typically at a discounted rate compared to paying per ride.

To use this pass, students need to have a PRESTO card with the post-secondary student fare type set up. This usually requires showing a valid student ID at designated locations.

Remember, the availability of the PRESTO student monthly pass and the specific discount offered will depend on the transit authority in your area.

Apply for Presto Card for Students

Scoring a student discount on your PRESTO card is a breeze! First, buy a PRESTO card from a store or online. Then, depending on your area, you’ll either visit a customer service center with your student ID or apply online for a student fare type (like a GO Student ID).

Proof of enrollment is usually required. Once approved, your PRESTO card is ready to save you money on public transit.


With a PRESTO card and student fare setup, Canadian students can unlock significant savings on public transit. The process is simple: buy a card, verify your student status, and enjoy cheaper commutes. Remember, specifics vary by region, so check your local authority’s website for details. Make your student life more affordable with a PRESTO card.


Does the PRESTO card have a student discount?

The PRESTO card itself doesn’t offer a discount, but you can unlock student discounts by setting up a student fare type on your card. This typically involves verifying your full-time post-secondary student status.

How do I turn my PRESTO card into a student card?

There isn’t a separate student card. You can keep your regular PRESTO card, but you need to change the fare type to “student” to receive the discount.

What is a child PRESTO card?

A child PRESTO card offers discounted fares for riders between 6 and 12 years old. You can set up this fare type when purchasing your PRESTO card or by visiting a customer service center with proof of your child’s age.

Can I buy a PRESTO card online?

Yes, you can buy a PRESTO card online through the PRESTO website or app. There may be a small shipping fee involved. You can also purchase them at various locations like convenience stores, GO Transit stations, and TTC subway stations.