Presto Card Transfer Time

The PRESTO card offers a solution! It allows seamless travel through transfers between connected agencies. But how long do you have to make that transfer? This intro paragraph will explore the key details of PRESTO card transfer times, ensuring you get the most out of your transit pass.

How Long does a TTC Paper Transfer Last?

While the PRESTO card offers a convenient two-hour transfer window, TTC paper transfers function differently. These paper slips, issued when paying with cash or special tickets, are valid for a shorter timeframe.

Unlike PRESTO, they require a more specific use: a one-way continuous trip within the day of issue. This means you can’t break your journey for errands or backtracking. Be sure to plan your route efficiently, as exceeding the validity period or deviating from a continuous trip will require another fare payment.

GO to TTC Transfer PRESTO

No need to worry about keeping track of paper transfers anymore! With a PRESTO card, transferring on the TTC is a breeze. You’ll enjoy a generous two-hour transfer window.

Simply tap your PRESTO card when entering any subway station, bus, or streetcar. The system automatically registers your fare and grants you a transfer valid for the next two hours. This allows for maximum flexibility during your journey.

Hop on and off different TTC vehicles as many times as needed within that timeframe, as long as you’re heading in the same general direction, and you won’t be charged again!

New two-hour PRESTO Transfer on TTC

The two-hour PRESTO transfer on the TTC isn’t exactly “new.” It launched in August 2026. But it’s a game-changer for riders! This system makes navigating Toronto’s transit network much more convenient.

With a single fare tap using your PRESTO card, you can enjoy unlimited travel across the entire TTC system for two whole hours. Need to run errands, grab lunch, or make multiple stops? No problem! As long as your trips are within that two-hour window, you’re covered.

This flexibility encourages more off-peak ridership and makes hopping on and off the TTC for various errands a breeze.

PRESTO transfer rules

Forget the hassle of paper transfers and route restrictions! PRESTO cards offer a simple and flexible transfer system for TTC riders. With a single tap on your PRESTO card when entering any subway station, bus, or streetcar, you get two key benefits.

First, your fare is deducted. Second, a transfer is automatically applied, granting you unlimited travel across the entire TTC network for two hours. This window allows for maximum freedom within your journey. Need to make multiple stops, transfer lines, or run errands?

As long as your overall trip follows a generally forward direction and stays within the two-hour limit, you won’t be charged again. This convenient system streamlines connections and encourages flexible use of public transit, making it easier to get the most out of your PRESTO card.


In conclusion, the PRESTO card offers a clear advantage over traditional paper transfers, especially for TTC riders. With its generous two-hour transfer window and flexibility for multi-stop trips, you can navigate the city’s transit system with ease. So ditch the paper hassle and embrace the convenience of PRESTO transfers for a smoother and more efficient public transit experience.


How long does it take for PRESTO to transfer funds?

Funds added online or at a PRESTO machine may take up to 24 hours to appear on your card.

What is the PRESTO 2-hour transfer?

This is a benefit for PRESTO cardholders on the TTC system. It allows unlimited travel across the TTC for two hours after your initial tap, as long as you’re heading in the same general direction.

How long is the PRESTO TTC transfer?

Same as above! The PRESTO TTC transfer is the 2-hour window you get for unlimited travel after tapping your card.

How long does it take for PRESTO to deliver?

PRESTO cards ordered online typically arrive within 7-10 business days.