Davisville Subway Station

Davisville Subway Station Toronto | Map, Address and Schedule

The Davisville station is a stop on Toronto’s Line 1 Yonge-University subway line. Opened in 1954, it’s one of the original stations on the system. Located at Yonge Street and Chaplin Crescent, it sits beneath the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) headquarters building and serves the Davisville Village neighborhood.

  • Location: 1900 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada (Yonge and Chaplin Crescent)
  • Line: Yonge-University line 1 (original line from 1954)
  • Accessibility: Fully accessible with elevators
  • Platforms: 3 (one center platform and two side platforms)
  • Connections: TTC buses
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St. Clair towards VaughanEglinton towards Finch
Davisville Subway Station

  • Location: 1900 Yonge Street (Yonge St. & Chaplin Crescent)
  • Accessibility: Fully accessible with elevators and ramps.
  • Number of Entrances: 4 (3 accessible)
  • TTC Customer Service: Located on street level (1900 Yonge St.)

Station Levels:

  • Level 1 – Street:
    • Entrances to station
    • Bus platform (accessible by elevator or escalator)
    • Wheel-Trans stop (shared with bus route #14)
  • Level 2 – Concourse:
    • Fare gates and connection to all other levels
  • Level 3 – Subway Platforms:
    • Northbound and southbound platforms (accessible by elevator)

Important Notes:

  • Passengers using mobility devices:
    • Recommended to use specific train cars for elevator access (Northbound: 5th car, Southbound: 2nd car).
  • Escalator locations vary between platforms.
  • Direct access to Yonge St. from the northbound platform only (via stairs at 1910 Yonge St.).

Overall, Davisville station is a fully accessible station with multiple entrances, fare gates, and connections to bus and streetcar services.

Davisville Station operates with the following hours:

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 5:45 AM to 2:00 AM
  • Saturdays & Holidays: 5:45 AM to 2:00 AM
  • Sundays: 8:05 AM to 2:00 AM
  • Not available.


  • Call before travel: 416-539-LIFT (5438) for real-time status.
  • Locations:
    • Davisville Ave., south side entrance to the concourse.
    • Concourse to Line 1 platforms (both northbound and southbound).
    • Bus platform to the concourse.


  • Always operational:
    • Northbound platform to bus platform.
    • Southbound platform to the concourse.
    • Northbound platform to the concourse.
    • Concourse to Davisville Ave.

Overall: Davisville Station offers elevators and escalators for accessible travel between all levels (street, concourse, platforms, bus platform). It’s recommended to call for elevator status before your trip.

  • Southbound: The next train towards Vaughan Metropolitan Centre via Union arrives in 0-1 minutes.
  • Northbound: The next trains towards Finch arrive in 2 minutes, 8 minutes, and 9 minutes.

Here are some notable landmarks near Davisville Station:

  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery: Established in 1876, Mount Pleasant Cemetery is a historic Toronto cemetery known for its beautiful grounds and notable burials. It’s located about a 15-minute walk south of Davisville Station.
  • Upper Canada College: Founded in 1829, Upper Canada College is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious private schools. The college campus is located directly east of Davisville Station.
  • Beltline Trail: Formerly a Canadian National Railway line, the Beltline Trail is a popular walking, running, and cycling path. It runs along the west side of the railway tracks, just south of Davisville Station.
  • William McBrien Building: The William McBrien Building is the headquarters of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). It’s located directly north of Davisville Station.

These are just a few of the many interesting places to visit near Davisville Station. The area also has a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Davisville subway station opening date

The Davisville subway station opened on March 30, 1954, as part of the original Toronto subway system

Davisville subway station phone number

The Davisville subway station itself doesn’t have a specific phone number. However, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) which operates the station does have a customer service contact center you can reach for inquiries:

  • Phone: 416-393-3030 (7 days a week, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.)

You can also visit their customer service center located above Davisville Station for in-person assistance. Their hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed holidays)
  • Extended hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every Thursday, and the first and last business day of each month.

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