North York Centre Subway Station

North York Centre Subway Station Toronto | Map, Address, and Parking

North York Centre Subway Station is a unique Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway stop. Unlike most stations, it wasn’t built along with the tracks but was added later in 1987. It is located on the Yonge-University line and serves the busy North York City Centre, a Toronto neighbourhood with offices and shops. This station is interesting for its history and its role in servicing this neighbourhood.

  • Location: 5102 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Coordinates: 43°46′06″N 79°24′46″W
  • Type: Underground station on the Yonge-University line (Line 1)
  • Platforms: 2 (side platforms)
  • Connections: TTC buses
  • Accessibility: Yes (elevator and escalator access)
  • Opened: June 18, 1987
  • Daily Passengers (2019): 31,471
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Sheppard–Yonge towards VaughanFinch Terminus
North York Centre Subway Station

  • Fully accessible with elevators and escalators connecting all levels (Street, Concourse, Platform).
  • Three entrances:
    • Yonge Street Entrance (Mel Lastman Square) – Stairs only.
    • 5095 Yonge Street Entrance (Empress Walk) – Wheel Trans stop with elevator and escalator access.
    • 5150 Yonge Street Entrance (North York City Centre) – Escalator and stair access.
  • The station map (likely available elsewhere) provides detailed elevator/escalator locations on each platform (northbound/southbound).

TIP: For real-time elevator/escalator status, check the TTC website’s elevators and escalators tab.

North York Centre Subway Station
  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 5:35 am to 2:20 am
  • Saturday & Holidays: 5:40 am to 2:15 am
  • Sunday: 7:55 am to 2:15 am

Important: These are approximate times and subject to change.

  • Not available.


  • Three elevators are available, connecting:
    • Concourse level to Northbound platform (Finch)
    • Concourse level to Southbound platform (Vaughan via Union)
    • Non-TTC Empress Walk entrance to concourse level


  • Always running in one direction for each platform:
    • Down from the concourse to the Southbound platform
    • Up from the southbound platform to the concourse
    • Down from the concourse to the Northbound platform
    • Up from the northbound platform to the concourse

Before you travel:

  • You can check for real-time accessibility alerts using the TTC website or by calling the Lift Line Service at 416-539-LIFT (5438).
  • Southbound towards Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (via Union Station): Trains arrive every 6 minutes, with the next ones at 12:02 PM, 12:08 PM, and 12:14 PM.
  • Northbound towards Finch Station: Trains arrive frequently, and the next ones are expected in 2, 3, and 5 minutes.

Here are some nearby landmarks to North York Centre Subway Station:

  • Mel Lastman Square: a public square named after former North York mayor Mel Lastman. It is a popular spot for gatherings and events, and features a large video screen, wading pool, and skating rink in the winter.
  • North York Civic Centre: A modernist complex that houses the offices of the City of Toronto. It was designed by architects Mathers & Haldenby and Villeneuve Vallis Inc. and was built between 1972 and 1978.
  • North York Central Library is the largest branch of the Toronto Public Library system. It is a four-story building with a collection of over 1 million books, periodicals, and other materials.
  • Empress Walk: A shopping, entertainment and residential complex located on the east side of Yonge Street. It includes a shopping mall, office towers, and condominiums.
  • Earl Haig Secondary School is a public high school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is operated by the Toronto District School Board and was named after Field Marshal Douglas Haig, a British military commander in World War I.
  • Gibson House Museum is a historic museum in North York, Toronto, Canada. It was built in 1851 by businessman and politician William Gibson. The house is now a museum that interprets the history of North York from the 1850s to the 1920s.
  • Meridian Arts Centre: A performing arts centre in North York, Toronto, Canada. It is located at 5170 Yonge Street, north of North York Centre station. The Meridian Arts Centre is home to several theatre companies, including the Canadian Stage Company and the Soulpepper Theatre Company.
  • York Cemetery: A historic cemetery in North York, Toronto, Canada. It was established in 1855 and is the final resting place for many notable Toronto residents.

Google Map North York Centre Subway Station

North York Centre subway station address

The exact address for North York Centre subway station isn’t given as a single location, but rather by entrances on Yonge Street:

  • Yonge Street Entrance (Mel Lastman Square): 5095 Yonge Street (not wheelchair accessible)
  • 5095 Yonge Street Entrance (Empress Walk): located on the east side of Yonge Street, south of Empress Avenue (fully accessible)
  • 5150 Yonge Street Entrance (North York City Centre): located on the west side of Yonge Street, south of Park Home Avenue (not wheelchair accessible)

North York Centre Subway station phone number

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) does not list individual phone numbers for subway stations, including North York Centre station.

Here are some alternative resources for getting TTC information:

  • TTC website: You can find real-time schedule information, maps, and fare prices on the TTC website:
  • The TTC app lets you plan your trip, see real-time station wait times, and get service alerts. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Social media: The TTC is active on social media, including Twitter (@TTCnotices) and Facebook ( Follow them for updates on service disruptions and other news.
  • Customer service: Contact the TTC customer service line at 416-336-5300 for general inquiries.


Is there parking at York University Subway Station?

ork University Station Parking: Check the TTC website for a list of parking options near York University Station.

What time does the TTC open in Toronto?

TTC Opening Hours:
Subways: Generally operate from 6:00 am to 2:00 am weekdays and Saturdays, with Sundays starting at 8:00 am
Buses & Streetcars: Specific routes have varying schedules. Check the TTC website for the route you need

Which Toronto subway stations have elevators?

Toronto Subway Stations with Elevators:
The TTC website has a searchable database of stations with accessibility features, including elevators

How to pay for parking at Finch Station?

Paying for Parking at Finch Station:
Finch Station has a few parking options:
Green P Parking: Likely uses the Green P app or website for payment
Private Lots: These might have their own payment methods displayed on-site.