Pioneer Village Subway Station

Pioneer Village Subway Station Toronto | Map, Address and Parking

Pioneer Village Station is a key transit hub on the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) Line 1 Yonge-University line. Opened in December 2017, it sits at the Northwest Gate and Steeles Avenue intersection, straddling the border between Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario. This station connects passengers between the two cities, offering access to the TTC and York Region Transit (YRT) bus networks.

Pioneer Village Station: Located at 185 Northwest Gate, Toronto (bordering Vaughan)

Subway Line: Yonge-University (Line 1)

Platform: Center platform with 2 tracks

Connections: TTC and YRT buses (Pioneer Village Terminal)

Features: Underground station, 1,881 accessible parking spaces, opened in 2017

Style: Postmodern architecture

Ridership: Over 16,000 daily passengers in 2019 (52nd out of 75 stations)

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Highway 407 towards VaughanYork University towards Finch
Pioneer Village Subway Station


  • Four total, with accessible options at all.
  • Northwest, North (Steeles Ave), South (Howard Moscoe Way), and East (Northwest Gate).
  • Each entrance has details on its location, accessibility, and nearby features.


  • 3 total: Street, Concourse, and Subway Platform.
  • The street level has entrances, a bus platform, and parking.
  • Concourse level (2 levels) connects entrances, fare gates, and platforms.
  • The subway platform has elevators, escalators, stairs, and Directional Wayfinding Announcements (DWA) for northbound and southbound trains.


  • It is fully accessible with elevators, escalators, and designated accessible entrances.
  • WheelTrans stop and Mobility Plus stop are available.


  • TTC and YRT bus terminals are located within the station.
  • Passenger pick-up and drop-off zones are available.


  • 1,881 accessible parking spaces.

Pioneer Village Station operates with the following approximate hours:

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 5:50 AM to 2:30 AM
  • Saturdays and Holidays: 5:50 AM to 2:30 AM
  • Sundays: 7:50 AM to 2:30 AM

Location: 2800 Steeles Avenue West (one lot)


  • Paid weekdays: 5 AM to 2 AM
  • Free: Weekends and statutory holidays


  • Daily: $7
  • Afternoon/evening (3 PM – 2 AM): $2


  • Green P mobile app
  • Pay-and-display machines (coins, credit cards)


  • No overnight parking (2 AM – 5 AM)
  • Capacity: 1,881 spaces


  • East side of Jane Street, north of Steeles Avenue West
  • North side of Steeles Avenue West at North West Gate


  • Available:
    • South concourse to Line 1 platform
    • Steeles Ave W north side entrance and YRT bus platform to north concourse
    • Bus platform to south concourse
    • North concourse to Line 1 platform
  • Accessibility Alerts: Call Lift Line Service 416-539-LIFT (5438) or check for alerts before travel.


  • Always running in one direction:
    • Up: North Concourse to Steeles Ave W north side entrance, North Concourse to Line 1 platform, Lower South Concourse to Line 1 platform, Upper South Concourse to Bus Platform.
    • Down: Steeles Ave W north side entrance to North Concourse, Line 1 platform to North Concourse, Lower South Concourse to Upper South Concourse, Bus Platform to Upper South Concourse.

Additional notes:

  • This summary combines information about both elevators and escalators for clarity.
  • It prioritizes information relevant to accessibility, such as availability and direction of travel.


  • The next train to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre arrives in 2 minutes, with subsequent trains arriving every 8 minutes.


  • The next train to Finch via Union arrives at 11:04 AM, with subsequent trains arriving every 5 minutes.

Additional Information:

  • You can view the full schedule by clicking “View schedule” in each direction.
  • York University Keele Campus: York University’s main campus is located just southeast of the station. It is a large campus with various academic buildings, student residences, and athletic facilities.
  • Black Creek Pioneer Village: This living history museum, located southwest of the station, depicts life in Upper Canada during the 1860s. Visitors can explore historical buildings, watch demonstrations of traditional crafts, and interact with costumed interpreters.
  • Canlan Ice Sports: This hockey arena is located southwest of the station and is home to the York University Lions hockey team.
  • Sobeys Stadium: This tennis stadium is located southwest of the station and hosts the Canadian Open tennis tournament.
  • Toronto Track and Field Centre: This athletics facility is located east of the station and is used for track and field events
  • York Lions Stadium: This stadium is located south of the station and is home to the York University Lions soccer team.

Map of Pioneer Village Subway Station