Queen Subway Station

Queen Subway Station Toronto | Map and Address

The Queen subway station is a key stop on Toronto’s Line 1 Yonge-University line. Opened in 1954, it sits beneath Yonge Street and offers convenient access to Toronto’s downtown core, including the Eaton Centre and Hudson’s Bay. With multiple entrances and accessible options, Queen Station is a busy transfer point for commuters and visitors alike.

  • Location: Queen Street East, Toronto, Canada (Yonge Street intersection)
  • Line: Line 1 Yonge-University
  • Platform: 2 side platforms
  • Connections: TTC buses and streetcars
  • Accessibility: Fully accessible
  • Opened: March 30, 1954
  • Daily ridership: Over 53,000 (2019 data)
  • Rank: 12th busiest station out of 75 in Toronto
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Queen Subway Station

Location: 3 Queen Street East, Toronto (Yonge & Queen intersection) Line: Yonge-University (Line 1) Accessibility: Fully accessible with elevators and ramps

Key features:

  • Four station levels
  • Eight entrances (some inside malls)
  • Two side platforms (Northbound & Southbound)
  • Connections to TTC buses & streetcars
  • Direct access to Eaton Centre & Hudson’s Bay


  • All directions around Yonge & Queen
  • Inside Eaton Centre (North & West)
  • Inside Hudson’s Bay (Lower Level)

Station Levels:

  • Level 1 (Street): Entrances, fare payment, connections to bus/streetcar
  • Level 2 (Concourse): North & South concourses with elevators/escalators
  • Level 3 (Platforms): Northbound & Southbound platforms with elevators/escalators
  • Level 4 (Underpass): Paid & unpaid access corridors between platforms

The Queen subway station operates with the following approximate hours:

  • Weekdays (Mon-Fri): 5:55 AM to 1:50 AM
  • Saturdays & Holidays: 5:55 AM to 1:50 AM (with a slightly later opening on Sundays at 8:10 AM)

Not available


  • Underpass to both Northbound and Southbound platforms
  • 2 Queen St E entrance to Northbound platform
  • Toronto Eaton Centre entrance to South Concourse


  • Primarily operate upwards, except for Southbound platform to concourse during weekdays rush hour (6 am-11 am)

Before you travel:

  • Call the Lift Line Service (416-539-LIFT) for real-time elevator status.
  • Check the TTC Accessibility Alerts for any elevator outages.
  • Southbound: Two trains are scheduled to arrive at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre via Union Station at 5:58 AM, 6:03 AM, and 6:08 AM.
  • Northbound: Two trains are scheduled to arrive at Finch Station at 6:05 AM, 6:07 AM, and 6:14 AM.

There are links provided to see the full schedule for each direction if you need more information.

Queen Subway Station sits right in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core, so there are many interesting landmarks you can visit nearby. Here are a few:

  • The Eaton Centre: A large shopping mall with a variety of stores, restaurants, and attractions.
  • Hudson’s Bay: A historic department store with a wide selection of clothing, cosmetics, and home goods.
  • Old City Hall: A beautiful Romanesque revival building that was once Toronto’s city hall. Now it houses a courthouse.
  • Nathan Phillips Square: A public square that is home to Toronto City Hall, as well as many festivals and events throughout the year.
  • St. Lawrence Market: A historic market that sells a variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and flowers.
  • Hockey Hall of Fame: A museum that celebrates the history of hockey in Canada.
  • CN Tower: A 553.3-metre (1,815.3 ft) concrete communications and observation tower in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is named after the Canadian National Railway (CN), the railway company that built it in 1976. It was designed by Canadian architects John Andrews, WZMH Architects, Parkin & Associates, and engineers Fazlur Khan and Leslie Roscoe.

Queen subway station Toronto address

The Queen subway station in Toronto has two addresses listed by the TTC:

  • 171 Yonge Street: This is the historical address that you might see on system maps [TTC Queen Station stop information]. It references the intersection where the station is located but isn’t an address for any building there.
  • 3 Queen Street East: This is the official address listed on the TTC website and refers to an entrance by the Maritime Life Tower [TTC Queen Station stop information].

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