Wellesley Subway Station

Wellesley Subway Station Toronto Ontario | Address, Location, Parking and Map

Wellesley Station is a stop on the Yonge-University Line 1 of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system. It’s located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on the north side of Wellesley Street East, just east of Yonge Street. The station features two entrances, one on Wellesley Street and another on Dundonald Street, and provides accessibility with elevators connecting all levels.

  • Location: 16 Wellesley Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Coordinates: 43°39′55″N 79°23′02″W (you can use this to find it on a map)
  • Type: Subway station on the Yonge-University Line 1 (TTC)
  • Accessibility: Yes, with elevators
  • Connections: TTC buses
  • Opened: March 30, 1954
  • Daily Ridership (2019): 21,571 (This makes it the 43rd busiest station out of 75 in the TTC network)
Preceding stationThe Following station
College towards VaughanBloor towards Finch
Wellesley Subway Station

Location: 16 Wellesley Street East, Toronto (accessible by Wheel-Trans at the bus platform)

Accessibility: Yes (elevators connect all levels)

Number of Levels: 2

  • Level 1 (Street):
    • Two entrances:
      • Wellesley Street East (north side, 64m east of Yonge)
      • Dundonald Street (south side, 100m east of Yonge) with stairs and fare gate directly to platforms
    • Fare gates and collector
    • Bus platform with Wheel Trans stop (shared with route #94 westbound)
    • Transfer to route #97 Yonge at bus stops on Yonge Street
    • Elevator and stair access to platforms
  • Level 2 (Subway Platforms):
    • Northbound and southbound platforms
    • Elevator, escalator, and stair access to street level
    • Stair access to Dundonald Street
    • Specific stop locations for elevators, escalators, and stairs for both northbound and southbound platforms

Additional Details:

  • 2 platforms (side platforms)
  • 2 elevators (check status on TTC website)

The TTC subway station at Wellesley operates with the following hours:

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 5:55 am to 1:55 am (approximately 18 hours)
  • Saturdays & Holidays: 6:00 am to 1:55 am (approximately 17.5 hours)
  • Sundays: 8:05 am to 1:55 am (approximately 15.5 hours)

Not available

  • Elevators:
    • Available at both Wellesley Street entrances connecting to:
      • Southbound platform towards Vaughan via Union station
      • Northbound platform towards Finch station
    • Call the Lift Line Service (416-539-5438) to check status before your trip.
    • Check the TTC website for accessibility alerts that may affect elevator service.
  • Escalators:
    • Both the east and west sides of the platforms have escalators going up to street level only. There are no escalators down to the platforms.

This information shows the arrival times for the next few trains at Wellesley Station:

  • Southbound (towards Vaughan Metropolitan Centre via Union): Trains are arriving approximately every 3-7 minutes.
  • Northbound (towards Finch): Trains are arriving approximately every 3-10 minutes.

Here are some nearby landmarks to Wellesley Station:

  • Church of the Holy Trinity: This beautiful Gothic Revival church is located just steps from Wellesley Station. It was built in the 1840s and is known for its stunning stained glass windows.
  • The Royal Conservatory of Music: This world-renowned music school is located a short walk from Wellesley Station. It offers a variety of programs for students of all ages and skill levels.
  • The Bata Shoe Museum: This unique museum is home to a collection of over 13,000 shoes from around the world. It’s a great place to learn about the history of footwear and see some truly incredible shoes.
  • The Gardiner Museum: This museum is home to a collection of ceramic art from around the world. It’s a great place to see some beautiful pottery and sculptures.
  • Bloor Street Culture Corridor: This area is home to many art galleries, museums, and theaters. It’s a great place to spend a day exploring Toronto’s art scene.

Wellesley subway station address

There are two ways to address Wellesley Station depending on what information you need:

  • If you need to find the entrance for the subway or use public transit directions, the address is: 16 Wellesley Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada TTC Wellesley Station, Toronto
  • If you’re interested in the historical location of the station building itself (between streets), the address is: 16 Wellesley Street East / 15 Dundonald Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Wellesley station – Wikipedia

Address, Location, Parking and Map of Wellesley Subway Station