York Mills Subway Station

York Mills Subway Station Toronto | Parking, Map And Address

York Mills station is a stop on the Yonge-University line, Toronto’s busiest subway line. It’s located at the intersection of Yonge Street and York Mills Road, serving the Hoggs Hollow neighborhood. Opened in 1973, the station temporarily replaced Eglinton as the northern terminus before the line was extended further north. Today, York Mills commuters benefit from frequent service and connections to bus routes and GO Transit.

  • Location: 4015 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Lines: Yonge-University line (subway)
  • Accessibility: Underground station with elevators (accessible)
  • Connections: TTC buses and York Mills Bus Terminal (GO Transit)
  • Year Opened: 1973
  • Daily ridership (2019): 28,461 (35th out of 75 stations)
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Lawrence towards VaughanSheppard–Yonge towards Finch
York Mills Subway Station

Location: 4015 Yonge Street, Toronto

Accessibility: Yes (elevators available)

Number of Levels: 3


  • TTC buses
  • York Mills Bus Terminal (GO Transit)

Key Details:

  • Centre platform with northbound and southbound trains
  • 5 entrances (3 with elevator access)
  • Wheel Trans stop at Bus Platform WT Bus Bay
  • Direct access to York Mills Centre


  • York Mills Centre (accessible via non-TTC elevator)
  • Old York Mills Road (escalator and stairs to platform)
  • Yonge & Wilson (northwest corner)
  • 4100 Yonge Street (Yonge Corporate Centre, with limited access hours)

Station Levels:

  • Level 1 – Street: Access to Concourse and Bus Platform (via Concourse)
  • Level 2 – Concourse: Fare gates, access to all other levels
  • Level 3 – Subway Platform: Northbound and southbound platforms

Platform access:

  • Northbound platform: elevator at the north end, escalators/stairs at the north and south ends
  • Southbound platform: elevator at the north end, escalators/stairs at the north and south ends

Weekdays (Monday to Friday): 5:30 AM to 2:15 AM
Saturday & Holidays: 5:45 AM to 2:10 AM
Sunday: 8:00 AM to 2:10 AM
Please note: These times are approximate and subject to change.

Not available


  • Three elevators are available:
    • Concourse to Line 1 platform
    • Concourse to bus platform
    • York Mills Centre entrance (non-TTC) to concourse


  • Escalators connect the following areas:
    • Line 1 platform to Old York Mills Rd entrance (up only)
    • Old York Mills Rd entrance to Line 1 platform (down only)
    • Concourse to Line 1 platform (down only)
    • Line 1 platform to concourse (up only)
    • Concourse to Yonge St west side entrance (up only)
    • Bus platform to concourse (down only)
    • Yonge St east side entrance to concourse (down only)
    • Concourse to Yonge St east side entrance (up only)
    • Concourse to bus platform (up only)

The provided information shows the current status of the subway platform at York Mills Station:

  • There are southbound trains travelling towards Vaughan Metropolitan Centre via Union Station.
  • There are northbound trains travelling towards Finch Station.

Based on information available online, here are some possible nearby landmarks to York Mills Subway Station:

  • Green spaces: Hoggs Hollow, York Mills Park
  • Shopping: York Mills Centre (includes Lenovo Canada Headquarters)
  • Golf course: Don Valley Golf Course
  • Historical site: Former Canadian Military College (information suggests it may not be publicly accessible)

It’s important to note that without specifying a search radius, it’s difficult to determine the exact distance to these landmarks.

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