Subway Routes in Toronto

Subway Routes in Toronto PDF

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates the subway system in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It consists of four lines, currently three in operation:

  • Line 1 (Yonge–University): Runs north-south from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to Finch Station.
  • Line 2 (Bloor–Danforth): Runs east-west from Kipling Station to Scarborough Guildwood Station.
  • Line 4 (Sheppard): Runs east-west from Sheppard West Station to DVP/Sheppard East Station.

Important Note: Line 3 (Scarborough) was permanently closed in July 2023. A replacement bus service is currently operating along the route.

More information about the TTC subway system, including fares, schedules, and maps, is available on the TTC website:

TTC Subway Lines

  • Line 1 (Yonge – University)
  • Line 2 (Bloor – Danforth)
  • Line 4 (Sheppard)

Line 3 Replacement Service (due to permanent closure in July 2023)

  • Stops include Scarborough Centre Station, Highland Creek, McCowan North, Nugget, Neilson

TTC Maps

  • Subway and Streetcar Map ([TTC Map])
  • System Map (includes subway, streetcar, and bus service) ([TTC Map])
  • Downtown Map (focuses on TTC service in downtown Toronto) ([TTC Map])
  • Express Network Map (express bus routes) ([TTC Map])
  • Blue Night Network Map (overnight service) ([TTC Map])


How many subway stations are there in Toronto?

The Toronto subway system currently has 70 operating stations [Wikipedia list of Toronto subway stations].

What is the subway line in Toronto?

There are actually four lines, but they are numbered now instead of just having directional names:
Line 1: Yonge-University
Line 2: Bloor-Danforth
Line 3 (Scarborough RT): This line is permanently closed as of July 2023.
Line 4: Sheppard East (under construction)
Line 5: Eglinton (under construction, scheduled to open in 2024) [The Canadian Encyclopedia]

Does the Toronto subway run 24 hours?

No, the Toronto subway does not run 24 hours. Generally it operates from 6:00 am to 1:30 am [TTC Riding the Subway].

Is Toronto Subway easy to use?

Toronto’s subway system is considered easy to use. The stations are well-marked and there are maps available throughout the system. You can also use a trip planning app or website to plan your route. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) the public transit authority for Toronto, also offers resources for riders including a guide to riding the subway [TTC Riding the Subway].