Dufferin Subway Station Toronto

Dufferin Subway Station Toronto | Adress and Map

Dufferin Station, a bustling stop on Toronto’s Bloor-Danforth subway line, boasts a rich history dating back to 1966. Located at the intersection of Dufferin Street and Bloor Street West, it serves as a crucial connection point for commuters, shoppers, and explorers.

Location: 1006 Dufferin Street, Toronto

Accessibility: Yes, with elevators and Wheel-Trans stops.

Number of Levels: 3 (Street, Concourse, Subway Platforms)

Entrances: 4 (2 accessible)

  • West Side Entrance: on Dufferin Street with Wheel Trans stop.
  • East Side Entrance: on Dufferin Street.
  • Russett Avenue Entrance (Eastbound): stairs & fare gate access to the platform.
  • Russett Avenue Entrance (Westbound): stairs & fare gate access to the platform.

Platforms: 2 (Eastbound & Westbound)

Connecting Transit: Bus stops on Dufferin Street.

Additional Information:

  • Elevators are available for all levels.
  • Escalators connect Street & Concourse levels.
  • Direct stair access to Russett Avenue from the platform.
  • Designated Waiting Area (DWA) for passengers with disabilities on each platform.
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Lansdowne towards KiplingOssington towards Kennedy
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Public Transit to Dufferin Subway Station in Toronto

  • Dufferin Subway Station is at 1126 Bloor St. W. in Toronto, Canada.
  • You can get there using the subway (Line 2 Bloor-Danforth), bus (300A, 300B, 329), or train (KI, UP).
    • The nearest stops/stations are Dufferin St at Bloor St West (same station)
    • Bloor St West at Dufferin St
    • College St at Dufferin St
    • Lansdowne
  • Use the Moovit app or website to find the best route and real-time directions, including how long it takes.
  • Moovit also shows alternative routes, schedules, and fares.

Bus lines with stations closest to Dufferin Subway Station in Toronto

Daytime buses:

  • 29 Dufferin: Runs along Dufferin St.
  • 329 Dufferin Night Bus: Runs along Dufferin St.
  • 929 Dufferin Express: The Express bus runs primarily along Dufferin St.

Nighttime buses:

  • 300A, 300B, 300S Bloor-Danforth Night Bus: Run along Bloor St.
  • 402 Parkdale: Runs along Queen St West and Queen St East.

Walking distance:

All bus stops listed are within a 1-minute walk from the intersection.

  • Monday to Friday: 5:45 AM to 2:05 AM
  • Saturday & Holidays: 5:55 AM to 2:05 AM
  • Sunday: 8:15 AM to 2:05 AM
  • Not available.


  • Located at the west side entrance to the concourse.
  • Connect the concourse to both eastbound and westbound platforms.
  • Call the Lift Line Service before traveling: 416-539-LIFT (5438).
  • Check Accessibility Alerts for any updates.


  • Up: Northside (center) from the westbound platform to the concourse.
  • East side from concourse to street level.
  • Down: Southside (center) from eastbound platform to concourse (limited hours: 6 am-10 am, Mon-Sat). Up all other times.

Bloor-Danforth Line 2:

  • Eastbound: Trains arrive at Kennedy Station in 2, 8, and 13 minutes.
  • Westbound: Trains arrive at Kipling Station in 3, 8, and 14 minutes.

Surface Routes:

  • 29 Dufferin: Schedule available, but transfer required.
  • 300 Bloor-Danforth Night Bus: Schedule available.
  • 329 Dufferin Night Bus: Schedule available.
  • 929 Dufferin Express: Schedule available.
  • Dufferin Grove Park has an ice rink, playground, basketball court, picnic areas, and a weekly farmer’s market.
  • Fort York National Historic Site is a 43-acre landmark with original War of 1812 buildings, an 1813 battle site, and a visitors’ center. It is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM and closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Princes’ Gates
  • Soldiers’ Tower
  • Bloordale Pond

Dufferin subway station parking Fee, Rates and Price

Unfortunately, Dufferin Station on the Bloor-Danforth Line does not have any dedicated parking facilities operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) [2]. This means there’s no official TTC parking lot and no designated free parking spots at the station itself.

However, you do have a couple of options:

  • Street Parking: Limited street parking might be available around Dufferin Station, but these spots are likely metered and could be difficult to find during peak hours. Be sure to check signage for any parking restrictions.
  • Dufferin Mall Parking: Dufferin Mall, located directly next to the station, offers free underground parking [4]. You can access the mall’s parking garage after passing the main entrance on Dufferin Street. This is the most convenient option if you’re planning to visit the mall along with your subway trip.

In short:

  • There’s no official TTC parking at Dufferin Station.
  • Limited street parking might be available but with restrictions and fees.
  • Dufferin Mall offers free underground parking accessible next to the station.

Dufferin station last train Time and Schedule

The last train leaving Dufferin Station depends on the day of the week:

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday): Last train departs eastbound at 1:45 am and westbound at 2:00 am.
  • Weekends (Saturday & Sunday): Same last train times as weekdays apply (1:45 am eastbound, 2:00 am westbound).

Dufferin subway station address and Location

The Dufferin subway station is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It sits on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth, one of the major subway lines in the city. Opened in 1966, it was part of the initial construction of the line.

The station boasts two entrances on either side of Dufferin Street, just north of Bloor Street West. Interestingly, there’s a new development coming soon! By 2026, an underground connection is expected to be built from a new building on the southwest corner of Bloor and Dufferin, offering even easier access for riders.

Map of Dufferin Subway Station