Greenwood Subway Station Toronto

Greenwood Subway Station Toronto | Map, Address and Parking

Greenwood Station, nestled in Toronto’s east end, is a vital transit hub for the surrounding neighborhoods. Opened in 1966, it sits on the bustling Bloor-Danforth line, connecting riders to downtown and beyond. Though named after the nearby Greenwood Avenue, its entrance lies slightly east on Linnsmore Drive and Strathcona Boulevard.

Preceding stationFollowing station
Donlands towards KiplingCoxwell towards Kennedy
Greenwood Subway Station Toronto

Location: 10 Linnsmore Crescent (200m east of Greenwood Ave), accessible from Danforth Ave & Linnsmore Crescent.

Accessibility: Street level and bus platforms are accessible, but subway platforms are inaccessible. A Wheel Trans stop is available at the WT bus bay on the south side of the bus platform.

Station layout:

  • Level 1 (Street): Entrance, fare gates, stairs to concourse, bus platform (with Wheel Trans stop)
  • Level 2 (Concourse): Escalator/stairs to street and subway platforms
  • Level 3 (Subway Platform): There are eastbound and westbound platforms with escalators/stairs to the concourse. Eastbound access is near the 5th car, and westbound access is near the 2nd car.

Additional notes:

  • The main entrance is closed until Spring 2024; temporary entry is through bus loop side doors.
  • The station serves the Bloor-Danforth line.

Public Transit to Greenwood Station in Toronto

Key points:

  • Offers live directions, schedules, and wait times for public transit (bus, subway, train).
  • Nearest stops/stations: Danforth Ave at Byron Ave East Side, Danforth Ave at Linnsmore Cres, Donlands, Gerrard St East at Coxwell Ave.
  • Bus routes: 300A, 300B.
  • Train route: LE.
  • Subway route: 2.
  • The app features alternative routes, directions, and fare information.
  • Popular destinations in Toronto are also accessible through the app.


  • Greenwood Station address: 223 Strathmore Blvd street in Toronto.
  • The main entrance is temporarily closed until Spring 2024. Use the Linnsmore Crescent entrance instead.

Bus lines with stations closest to Greenwood Station in Toronto

Bus options from Danforth Ave at Byron Ave East Side to Danforth Ave at Linnsmore Cres:

  • Walk: 1 minute walking distance.
  • 300A Bloor-Danforth Night Bus: Eastbound towards 3450 Danforth Ave.
  • 300B Bloor-Danforth Night Bus: Eastbound towards Kennedy Station.
  • 300S Bloor-Danforth Night Bus: Eastbound towards Danforth Ave at Coxwell Ave.
  • 31 Greenwood: Southbound towards Greenwood Station.

After arriving at Danforth Ave at Linnsmore Cres:

  • Walk: 2-minute walking distance.
  • Weekdays: 5:45 AM to 2:05 AM
  • Saturdays and Holidays: 5:45 AM to 2:05 AM
  • Sundays: 8:05 AM to 2:05 AM
  • Not available.
  1. South Side – Concourse to Street Level: This escalator always runs upwards, providing an accessible route from the concourse to the street level.
  2. Eastbound Train Platform to Concourse: This escalator always runs upwards, offering easy access from the eastbound platform to the concourse level.
  3. Westbound Train Platform to Concourse: Similar to the eastbound escalator, this one always runs upwards, connecting the westbound platform to the concourse.


  • Eastbound to Kennedy: The next train will arrive in 1, 3, or 5 minutes. View the schedule here.
  • Westbound to Kipling: The next train arrives in 0, 4, or 7 minutes. The schedule is here.


  • 31 Greenwood: View the schedule here.
  • 300 Bloor-Danforth Night Bus: View the schedule here. Important Note: This bus requires a transfer when switching to connecting routes.

Station Accessibility:

  • The main entrance is currently closed for accessibility improvements. You can access the station through the bus loop side doors.
  • Subway platforms are not yet accessible.
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Map of Greenwood Subway Station Toronto