Old Mill Subway Station Toronto | Map, Address and Parking

Nestled along the Humber River Valley, Old Mill Station offers a unique blend of modern convenience and historic charm. Opened in 1968, it’s one of Toronto’s lesser-known gems, boasting the distinction of being half underground and half elevated. This unique design affords panoramic views of the surrounding nature, making your commute feel more like a scenic escape.

Address: 2672 Bloor Street West


  • Street level only accessible: entrance, platforms, fare gates, collector.
  • The bus platform is accessible from the Wheel-Trans stop (shares stop with route #66).
  • Subway platforms are not accessible.

Station layout:

  • Two levels (street and subway platform)
  • Side platform configuration


  • Old Mill Trail entrance: east side of Old Mill Trail, 47m north of Bloor St.


  • Level 1—Street: Entrance, fare gates, bus platform (unpaid area), and stairs to subway platform.
    • Level 2 – Subway: Eastbound and westbound platforms, escalators, and stairs to street level.Eastbound:** Escalators/stairs at the west end, DWA near 5th car.
    • Westbound:** Escalators/stairs at the west end, DWA near 5th car.

Key Notes:

  • No elevator access to subway platforms.
  • Wheel Trans stop shares stop with route #66 on the bus platform.
Preceding stationFollowing station
Royal York towards KiplingJane towards Kennedy

Public Transit to Old Mill Station in Toronto

Public transit options:

  • Subway: Line 2 Bloor-Danforth, get off at Old Mill Station.
  • Bus: Routes 300A and 300B.
  • Train: UP or Train (check the Moovit app for details).

Moovit app:

  • Provides real-time directions, schedules, and timetables.
  • Shows nearby stops and stations.
  • It helps find alternative routes if needed.

Other details:

  • The station address is 2672 Bloor Street, W Street, in Toronto.
  • Check the Moovit app for fares and costs.
  • The Moovit app can also help you navigate to other famous places in Toronto.

Bus lines with stations closest to Old Mill Station

Starting Point: Bloor St West at Old Mill Trail (2 min walk)

  • Night Buses: 300A, 300B, 300S (Bloor-Danforth)

Nearby: Bloor St West at the Kingsway (6 min walk)

  • Daytime Buses: 66, 66A, 66B (Prince Edward)

Destination: Jane St at Weatherell St South Side (17 min walk)

  • Buses: 26 (Dupont), 35, 35A, 35B (Jane), 55 (Warren Park)

Note: This is just a summary of the available bus options. To choose the best route, consider additional factors like your destination, arrival/departure times, and desired travel time.

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday): Open from 5:40 am to 2:10 am.
  • Saturday & Holidays: Open from 5:45 am to 2:10 am.
  • Sunday: It opens later at 8:05 am but closes at the same time as other days (2:10 am).
  • Not available.
  • Westbound platform to street level: This escalator goes up all the time.
  • Eastbound platform to street level: This escalator also goes up constantly.
  1. Eastbound to Kennedy: Arriving in 0 or 5 minutes. You can view the schedule for this route.
  2. Westbound to Kipling: Arriving in 0, 8, or 11 minutes. You can view the schedule for this route.

Additionally, there are two surface routes available:

  1. 66 Prince Edward: You can view the schedule for this route.
  2. 300 Bloor-Danforth Night Bus: You can view the schedule for this route.

Toronto Heritage Plaque: The Middle Mill is at Lower Don Parklands, 44 Beechwood Dr, Toronto, ON M4K 3H8, Canada. It has a 4-star rating on Google Maps.

Map of Old Mill Subway Station Toronto