Spadina Subway Station Toronto

Spadina Subway Station Toronto | Adress and Map

Spadina Station is a central interchange station on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system. It is located on Spadina Road, just north of Bloor Street West, and is served by both Line 1 Yonge–University and Line 2 Bloor–Danforth. The station is one of only two TTC stations open overnight, along with Union Station.

Preceding stationFollowing station
Dupont towards VaughanSt. George towards Finch
Bathurst towards KiplingSt. George towards Kennedy
TerminusSussex Avenue towards Union
Spadina Subway Station

Line 1 Yonge-University Section:

  • Address: 85 Spadina Road
  • Accessible: No
  • Levels: 3
  • Station Type: Interchange (non-accessible connection to Line 2)
  • Platforms: Side
  • Entrances: 2 (Kendal Ave & 85 Spadina Rd)
  • Accessible Transfer to Line 2: St George Station

Line 2 Bloor-Danforth Section:

  • Address: 6 Spadina Road
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Levels: 3
  • Station Type: Interchange (non-accessible connection to Line 1)
  • Platforms: Side
  • Entrances: 3 (7 Spadina Rd East, 6 Spadina Rd West, Walmer Rd)
  • Accessible Transfer to Line 1: This station

Key Differences:

  • Line 1 section is not accessible, while Line 2 section is.
  • Line 1 platforms are north/southbound, while Line 2 platforms are east/westbound.
  • Both sections have separate entrances and concourses.
  • A non-accessible passageway connects the two sections.

Additional Notes:

  • DWA (Designated Waiting Area) is located near the 5th car on both platforms.
  • The bus platform and Wheel-Trans stop are available in the Line 2 section.
  • The streetcar platform is available at the Line 2 South Concourse.

Directions to Spadina (Toronto)

Buses: 127, 13A, 13B, 7

Trains: LE

Subways: Line 1, Line 2

Bus lines with stations closest to Spadina in Toronto

BusBloor St West at Spadina Rd1 min walk


BusSpadina Rd at Lowther Ave3 min walk

  • Bus - 127127DAVENPORT

BusSt George Station9 min walk

  • Bus - 2626DUPONT

BusHarbord St at Spadina Ave12 min walk

  • Bus - 9494WELLESLEY

BusHarbord St at Spadina Ave13 min walk

  • Bus - 94A94AWELLESLEY

Public transit lines with stations closest to Spadina in Toronto

  • Spadina Station is on Line 1 (Yonge-University) and 2 (Bloor-Danforth).
  • The closest nearby station outside Spadina is St-George Station, accessible via a 12-minute walk.
  • Line 1 runs north-south and connects to York University and Finch Station destinations.
  • Line 2 runs east-west and connects to Kipling Station and Kennedy Station.


  • Walmer Road, Spadina Road (west side), Kendal Avenue: Closed from 2 am to 5 am Monday-Saturday and 2 am to 8 am on Sundays.
  • Spadina Road (east side): Open 24/7.


  • Please note that times are approximate and subject to change without notice.
  • Not available.


  • Three available elevators: Spadina Rd east side entrance to the concourse.
  • Concourse to Line 2 westbound platform.
  • Concourse to Line 2 eastbound platform.
  • Call the Lift Line Service before you travel: 416-539-LIFT (5438) to confirm their status.
  • Check the Accessibility Alerts for the latest updates.


  • Several escalators connect different levels and platforms. Be aware of their direction.

Additional Notes:

  • No direct elevator access to Line 1 platforms.
  • Accessible transfer to Line 2 at St. George Station.


  • Spadina Station has improved accessibility with elevators for Line 2 but still lacks direct elevator access to Line 1 platforms. Use the Lift Line Service and Accessibility Alerts for the latest information.

Current Time: Sunday, February 11, 2024 (Time zone unknown)

Line 1:

  • Northbound: Train arriving at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre in 1 minute. See schedule: link.
  • Southbound: Trains arriving at Finch via Union in 4, 10, and 16 minutes. See schedule: link.

Line 2:

  • Eastbound: Trains arrive at Kennedy in 0, 7, and 11 minutes. See schedule: link.
  • Westbound: Trains arrive at Kipling in 1, 3, and 5 minutes. See schedule: link.

Surface Routes:

  • Several night buses are available, including the 300 Bloor-Danforth, 310 Spadina, and 510 Spadina. See schedules: link.

Note: Depending on your destination, you may need to transfer to a connecting bus.

  • Volodymyr the Great Monument is a bronze equestrian statue of Grand Prince Volodymyr the Great, founder of Kievan Rus’. It is located at the south end of Trinity Bellwoods Park, near Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue.
  • Soldiers’ Tower is a Gothic Revival–style war memorial located on the University of Toronto campus, near the intersection of College Street and Spadina Avenue. It was built to remember the university students who died in World War I.
  • Toronto Heritage Plaque: Balfour Building 1930 is a historical plaque on the facade of the Balfour Building, a 10-story office building at 119 Spadina Avenue. The plaque commemorates the building’s construction in 1930.
  • Toronto Sign is a 10-foot-tall, light-up letter that spells “Toronto,” set against a city skyline backdrop. It is in Nathan Phillips Square, near Queen Street West and Bay Street.
  • Chinatown Mural Lane is a lane in Toronto’s Chinatown decorated with murals by local artists. It is located between Spadina Avenue and Elizabeth Street.

Spadina Station to Union Station

Here is the complete Spadina Station to union station bus schedule:

Take the 510 Spadina streetcar heading south towards Union Station. You can board the streetcar at the Spadina Station platform. The ride should take approximately 20-25 minutes depending on traffic. You can check the TTC website or app for real-time schedules and updates: [TTC 510 Spadina route schedule ON]

Spadina subway station parking

Unfortunately, Spadina Station itself doesn’t have a dedicated TTC parking lot. However, there are public parking options nearby.

  • Green P Parking: Several Green P parking lots are located near Spadina Station. Green P is a Toronto Parking Authority service offering hourly, daily, and monthly rates. You can find their locations and rates using their online tools.
  • Street Parking: Metered street parking might be available around Spadina Station, but availability and restrictions can vary. Be sure to check signage for time limits and permit requirements.

Spadina Subway Station Parking Free:

There’s currently no free parking offered at Spadina Station or the surrounding Green P lots. However, some street parking might offer free spots on Sundays or evenings, depending on regulations.

Spadina Subway Station Location and Address:

Spadina Station sits conveniently located on Spadina Road, north of Bloor Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While a specific street address isn’t assigned to the station itself, for reference purposes you might find the nearby address of Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5R 2S9, Canada helpful. This address points to a general area close to the station.

Spadina Subway Station Map

Spadina subway station map pdf is also available.