Victoria Park Subway Station

Victoria Park Subway Station Toronto | Adress And Map

Victoria Park Station is on the Bloor-Danforth line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system. It is at 777 Victoria Park Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The station was opened in 1968 and is named after the nearby Victoria Park.

The station has two side platforms and is accessible by stairs, escalators, and elevators. A fare collector’s booth is at the east end of the concourse level. The station is also connected to a bus terminal serving several local and regional bus routes.

  • Location: 777 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, Ontario
  • Accessibility: Accessible by stairs, escalators, and elevators
  • Platform Type: Side platforms (2)
  • Connections: TTC buses, Bloor-Danforth subway line
  • Parking: 173 spaces, 52-space bicycle station
  • Opening: 1968, rebuilt 2008-2011
  • Daily Ridership: approx. 37,656 (pre-pandemic)
  • Line: Bloor-Danforth
Preceding stationFollowing station
Main Street towards KiplingWarden towards Kennedy
Victoria Park Subway Station

Location: 777 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto

Accessibility: Yes, with elevators, ramps, and accessible entrances.

Key features:

  • Four entrances, including two with direct platform access.
  • Five levels, including underground passage, street level, pedestrian bridge, concourse, and platform levels.
  • One hundred seventy-three parking spaces and a 52-space bicycle station.
  • Connects to TTC buses and the Bloor-Danforth subway line.
  • Wheelchair Trans stop available.


  • Victoria Park Avenue (main entrance, accessible)
  • North Walkway (two entrances, one accessible)
  • Teesdale Place (direct platform access)
  • Albion Avenue (unpaid access to North Walkway)

Station levels:

  • Underpass (unpaid access, connects to Albion and North Walkway)
  • Street (main entrance, bus terminal, pedestrian bridge)
  • Pedestrian Bridge (connects to Crescent Town)
  • Concourse (fare gates, bus connections, platform access)
  • Subway Platform (eastbound and westbound platforms, accessible)

Additional notes:

  • Bus bay locations are available on a map at the station.
  • Real-time elevator status is available online.
  • Direct platform access is available from the Teesdale Place entrance.

Public transit to Victoria Park Station

Take a 300A, 300B, 324 bus, train LE, or subway 2 to Victoria Park Station.

Tip: Allow extra time for traffic, especially during peak hours. Also, check the latest schedule information before you go, as times may change.

Bus lines with stations closest to Victoria Park Station in Toronto

Buses departing from Victoria Park Station:

  • 24A, 24B, 24: Head towards Victoria Park. 24A operates all day, 24B operates during the day on weekdays, and 24 operates both day and night.
  • 924: Victoria Park Express bus.
  • 324: Victoria Park Night Bus.

Other nearby buses:

  • 12A, 12B, 12C, 12D, 12S: Head towards Kingston Road.

Walking distances:

  • All buses at Victoria Park Station are a 2-minute walk from the station.
  • 324 Night Bus is a 3-minute walk from the station (at Victoria Park Ave at Denton Ave).
  • Weekdays: 5:40 AM to 2:10 AM
  • Saturdays & Holidays: 5:45 AM to 2:10 AM
  • Sundays: 8:05 AM to 2:10 AM

Location: 777 Victoria Park Avenue (east side, near Denton Ave.)

Capacity: 173 spaces


  • Weekdays: Paid parking from 5 am to 2 am
  • Weekends & Holidays: Free parking Rates:
  • Daily: $4 (5 am – 2 am)
  • Afternoon/Evening: $2 (3 pm – 2 am) Payment: Coin, VISA, MasterCard, American Express Overnight Parking: Not allowed (2 am – 5 am)

Additional Notes:

  • Only one parking lot is available at the station.
  • Rates and hours are subject to change.


  • Call the Lift Line Service before you travel: 416-539-LIFT (5438).
    • Locations: Concourse to westbound Line 2 platform.
    • Concourse to eastbound Line 2 platform.
    • Overpass, Victoria Park Ave entrance to the concourse.


  • Currently operational in both directions: North Side: Concourse to Westbound Platform (Up)
  • South Side: Concourse to Eastbound Platform (Up)

Additional Information:

  • You can check for accessibility alerts on the TTC website or call the 24-hour TTC Information Line.
  • Eastbound: Trains to Kennedy arrive in 2, 6, and 8 minutes.
  • Westbound: Trains to Kipling arriving in 0 and 7 minutes.

Connecting Surface Routes:

  • 12: Kingston Road
  • 20: Cliffside
  • 24: Victoria Park
  • 67: Pharmacy
  • 113: Danforth Road
  • 300: Bloor-Danforth Night Bus
  • 322: Coxwell Night Bus
  • 324: Victoria Park Night Bus
  • 924: Victoria Park Express

Important Note: Transfer may be required to connect to specific bus routes.

Additional Resources:

  • View bus schedules for each route by clicking “View schedule.”
  • Get more information about connecting routes and transfers on the TTC website.
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Map of Victoria Park Subway Station