Lawrence West Subway Station

Lawrence West Subway Station Toronto | Map, Parking and Address

Nestled in the median of Toronto’s William R. Allen Road at Lawrence Avenue West, Lawrence West is a vital subway station on the Yonge-University line. Catering to the surrounding neighborhoods of Lawrence Heights, Lawrence Manor, and Glen Park, it also offers convenient access to landmarks like the Columbus Centre and the Lawrence Allen Centre. This station boasts a unique architectural style featuring exposed concrete walls, skylights with vibrant orange accents, and distinctive benches adorned with colorful tiles.

  • Location: 655 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto, Canada
  • Line: Yonge-University
  • Opened: January 28, 1978
  • Platform: Single platform with 2 tracks
  • Connections: TTC buses
  • Accessibility: Fully accessible
  • Design: Unique with exposed concrete walls and colorful accents
  • Ridership (2019): Approximately 22,558 passengers daily
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Yorkdale towards VaughanGlencairn towards Finch
Lawrence West Subway Station

Location: 665 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto (accessible by Wheel-Trans)

Accessibility: Fully accessible with elevators and ramps

Number of Levels: 3 (Street, Concourse, and Platform)

Entrances: 2 on Lawrence Avenue West (North and South)

Station Features:

  • Single platform with northbound and southbound trains
  • Fare gates and ticket booths on the Street Level
  • Bus platform connections on the Street Level
  • Stairs, escalators, and elevators connecting all levels

Platform Details:

  • Northbound and southbound access with specific locations for elevators, escalators, and stairs
  • Designated Waiting Area (DWA) located near the fifth car of the train for both directions

Additional Information:

  • See the “elevators and escalators tab” for real-time status updates.

The Lawrence West subway station operates with the following approximate hours:

  • Saturday & Holidays: 5:55 AM to 2:10 AM
  • Sunday: 7:40 AM to 2:10 AM
  • Monday to Friday: 5:45 AM to 2:15 AM

Not available

  • Elevator:
    • Located at the south side entrance of the station.
    • It provides direct access from the street level to the subway platform.
    • Call the Lift Line Service (416-539-LIFT) before your trip to check availability.
    • Check the TTC website for accessibility alerts that might affect the elevator’s status.
  • Escalators:
    • Connect the concourse level to the north end of the platform.
    • Run in one direction only:
      • Down from the concourse to the platform.
      • Up from the platform to the concourse.

There are currently two trains at Lawrence West station:

  • Northbound: The next train towards Vaughan Metropolitan Centre will arrive in 3 minutes. Trains arrive every 3-8 minutes. You can view the full schedule by clicking “View schedule.”
  • Southbound: The next train towards Finch via Union will arrive in 3 minutes. Trains arrive every 3-11 minutes. You can view the full schedule by clicking “View schedule”.

Here are some nearby landmarks to Lawrence West Subway Station:

  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre: This is one of the largest shopping malls in Toronto, featuring over 240 stores and restaurants. It is located approximately 3.5 kilometers from the station and accessible by bus.
  • Columbus Centre: A convention and exhibition center hosting various events and trade shows annually. It is located approximately 2.5 kilometers from the station, accessible by bus.
  • Lawrence Allen Centre: This community center offers a variety of programs and services for all ages. It is located next to the station.
  • Alexander Muir Park and Gardens: This park features gardens, a playground, and a wading pool. It is located approximately 1 kilometer away from the station and accessible by walking or bus.
  • The Toronto Public Library—Locke Branch is a public library offering books, programs, and events for the community. It is located approximately 1 kilometer from the station and accessible by walking or bus.

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