Yorkdale Subway Station

Yorkdale Subway Station Toronto | Parking, Map and Address

Located in Toronto, Canada, Yorkdale Station serves as a key transit hub on the Yonge-University line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system. Opened in 1978, the station boasts a unique architectural design featuring a dramatic vaulted glass roof and is conveniently connected to the popular Yorkdale Shopping Centre via an enclosed walkway.

  • Location: Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto, Canada
  • Lines: Yonge-University line (TTC subway)
  • Connections: TTC buses, Yorkdale Bus Terminal
  • Platform: Centre platform
  • Tracks: 2
  • Accessibility: Yes
  • Parking: 1,010 spaces
  • Architect: Arthur Erickson
  • Opened: January 28, 1978
  • Ridership (2019):** 29,460 (ranked 33rd out of 75 TTC stations)
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Yorkdale Subway Station

  • Location: Yorkdale Road & Yorkdale Service Road (Toronto, Canada)
  • Accessibility: One accessible entrance (Yorkdale Service Road), elevator available.
  • Levels: 3 (Street, Concourse, Subway Platform)
  • Connections:
    • Yorkdale Shopping Centre via enclosed walkway (not accessible)
    • Yorkdale Bus Terminal (accessible via a separate path)
    • GO Transit and Ontario Northland buses (accessible)
  • Entrances:
    • Yorkdale Service Road (accessible)
    • Ranee Avenue (North and South) – stairs only

Key Points:

  • Accessible entrance with elevator and ramps available at Yorkdale Service Road.
  • Direct connection to Yorkdale Mall through an elevated walkway (not accessible).
  • Bus connections are available at Yorkdale Bus Terminal (accessible) and on Ranee Avenue.
  • The station has a center platform with northbound and southbound trains.

Additional details:

  • Washrooms and payphones are available within the station.
  • For real-time accessibility information, consult the TTC website.

Yorkdale Station operates with extended hours:

  • Weekends and holidays: 5:55 AM to 2:10 AM (Saturday, Sunday, and holidays).
  • Weekdays: 5:45 AM to 2:20 AM (Monday to Friday).
  • Location: Yorkdale Shopping Centre (Parkade E, levels P3, P4, P5) near Allen Road & Highway 401 (access via South Service Road).
  • Hours: 5:00 AM to 9:30 AM, Monday-Friday.
  • Rate: $7 flat fee (applies only during these hours).
  • After 9:30 AM: Regular Yorkdale Mall parking rates apply.
  • Payment: Cash or credit card (pay upon exit).
  • Spaces: 1,010 available.

Additional points:

  • No overnight parking allowed (2:00 AM – 5:00 AM).
  • This information might be outdated, as the update date is January 4, 2017. It’s recommended that you check the TTC website for the latest rates and details.


  • Available for travel between the concourse level and the Line 1 platform.


  • South End:
    • One escalator goes down from the concourse to the platform.
    • One escalator goes up from the platform to the concourse.
  • North End:
    • One escalator goes up from the concourse to the platform.
    • One escalator goes down from the platform to the concourse.

Additional Information:

  • Call the Lift Line Service at 416-539-LIFT (5438) before your trip for accessibility updates.
  • Check the TTC website for real-time accessibility alerts.
  • Northbound trains:
    • Three trains are arriving shortly:
      • First train in 2 minutes.
      • The second train is in 5 minutes.
      • Third train in 13 minutes.
  • Southbound trains:
    • Three trains are arriving soon:
      • First train in 2 minutes.
      • The second and third trains are 4 minutes each.

Here are some notable landmarks near Yorkdale Subway Station:

  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre:pen_spark One of the largest shopping malls in Toronto, directly connected to the subway station.
  • Canadian National Exhibition (CNE): This is a large exhibition that hosts various events and attractions annually. It is located approximately 6.4 km away.
  • Black Creek Pioneer Village: A living history museum that portrays 19th-century life in Ontario, situated about 5.6 km from the station.
  • Humber College North Campus: A public college offering various programs, roughly 4.8 km from Yorkdale Station.
  • Downsview Park is a large urban park with sports facilities, green spaces, and historical landmarks, about 3.2 km away.

Map of Yorkdale Subway Station