St Clair Subway Station

St Clair Subway Station Toronto | Map, Address and Parking

There are actually two St. Clair stations on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system! Both are located on Line 1 Yonge-University, a major route running north-south through the city. St. Clair West is on the west side of Toronto, while St. Clair Station is on the east side. Depending on where you’re going, you’ll need to know which station is the right one for you.

  • Station: St. Clair
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (East side)
  • Line: Yonge-University (Line 1) – TTC
  • Type: Underground station
  • Accessibility: Yes
  • Platforms: 2 (side platforms)
  • Connections: TTC buses and streetcars
  • Opened: March 30, 1954
  • Daily Ridership (2019): Over 38,000 (Rank 19 out of 75 TTC stations)
Preceding stationThe Following station
Summerhill towards VaughanDavisville towards Finch
Deer Park Crescent towards Gunns LoopTerminus
Yonge Street Westbound only
towards Gunns Loop
St Clair Subway Station

St. Clair Station is a TTC subway station with three levels and four entrances. It is accessible and has two elevators. Here’s a summary:

  • Levels:
    • Level 1 (Street): Entrances, fare gates, streetcar platform, connection to bus stops.
    • Level 2 (Concourse): Entrances, fare gates, connection to buildings, bus platform with Wheel Trans stop.
    • Level 3 (Platform): Northbound and southbound platforms with stairs, escalators, and elevators to other levels.
  • Entrances:
    • The main entrance (accessible) is on Saint Clair Ave East.
    • Entrance on Pleasant Boulevard (accessible).
    • Entrance inside Saint Clair Centre (stairs only).
    • Entrance inside 1 Saint Clair Avenue East (Scotiabank building, stairs only).
  • Other:
    • Washrooms (assumed to be accessible based on overall station accessibility).
    • Direct Access Elevator (DWA) for passengers with mobility devices.

St. Clair Station is open:

  • Saturdays and holidays: 5:55 AM to 2:00 AM
  • Sundays: 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM
  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday): 5:45 AM to 2:00 AM

Not available

  • Elevators:
    • There are two elevators in the station.
    • One connects the streetcar platform and the south entrance on St. Clair Ave. E to the concourse and southbound platform.
    • The other connects the concourse to the northbound platform.
  • Escalators:
    • Several escalators are available, but none provide a direct connection between the street level and the northbound platform.
    • Escalators run continuously in one direction only:
      • Up from both northbound and southbound platforms to the north concourse.
      • Up from the southbound platform to the south concourse.
      • Up from the south concourse to the streetcar platform.
      • Down from the streetcar platform to the south concourse.

The provided information is a real-time TTC subway update for St. Clair Station:

  • Southbound trains towards Vaughan Metropolitan Centre: Three southbound trains are arriving soon. The first will arrive in 2 minutes, the second in 5 minutes, and the third in 12 minutes.
  • Northbound trains towards Finch: Three northbound trains are also arriving soon. The first will arrive very soon (within 0 minutes, likely already at the station), the second in 6 minutes, and the third in 8 minutes.

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